Monday, July 27, 2009

The Return of Dub Cyber

I have made no secret of the fact that there's been an Optimus Rhyme-shaped hole in my heart ever since the band split last year. (Yes, Church, Optimus really broke up.) Thankfully, a recent missive from Mr. Cyberman has helped to abate the pain.

You see, the debut album from Supercommuter, a new hybrid nerdcore/chiptune outfit featuring former Optimus frontman Wheelie along with Stenobot and Tron Jaun, is slated for release on August 25th. (Which falls dangerously close to the one-year anniversary of Optimus's farewell show.) And if you pre-order now you'll also get the digital version early!

Over the weekend, I was fortunate enough to score such a digital copy myself, and it's easily as excellent as I anticipated.

Skeptical fans are encouraged to check out both this week's Hiptrax podcast over at Wired and next week's edition of Radio Free Hipster for a pair of sample selections. But I'll warn you not to bother wearing socks, as they will just be rocked right the fuck off.

All 11 tracks of the self-titled Supercommuter are available for a mere $9.99 via the band's official merch stop. Shipping is 2 bucks for those of us in the States and $4.50 for fans in Canada and the UK.

There's also a listing at the same virtual storefront for a pretty swank t-shirt that's, sadly, not yet available. But hopefully we can demonstrate enough interest in the album to expedite its appearance as well.

In short, go over there and pre-order a copy. Maybe two. I mean, you're already in the market for a new favorite band, right?


Torboxx said...

I've bought mine and I love this album. I no longer have to go to myspace just to listen to the same 3 Supercommuter tracks on loop for hours on end.

snipe said...

Done and done! Thanks, Z! We were lamenting the break-up of PR at Nerdapalooza, and I was thrilled to hear Wheelie's still in action.

Z. said...

Well said, Torboxx. You can't put a price on freedom.

Hope you dig it, Snipe! Personally, I think Wheelie sounds as good as ever. Sure, I'm still adjusting to the idea of him rhyming alongside someone other than grimROCK/Powerthighs/Stumblebee, but the backing on Supercommuter is so tight and catchy that you can't help but be charmed.

killsaly said...

I was wondering when this would finally drop... Thanks for the heads up Z.

Justin said...

This is fantastic, I was worried nothing was happening with Supercommuter. They've had the same 3 songs on their Myspace for quite some time. But just like Torboxx, I would visit the site almost daily just to listen to them.

Z. said...

Glad to do it, KS!

It was like I was telling MisterB, Justin; I think that had more to do with the death of MySpace than with the death of the project. ;)

clockwork said...

Yes, yes and more yes. Was also shimmying over to MySpace like the good folks above.

Z. said...

So apparently the only reason anyone has been using MySpace over the last 6 months was to listen to Supercommuter, huh, Clockwork? ;)