Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gathering of the Huggalos

Have you seen these nerds?
In just one week – and likely less than that for those not on the East Coast – many of you will be making your pilgrimage to Orlando, FL for this year's Nerdapalooza festival. As I previously mentioned I won't be around for this one, but many of close friends will be in attendance.

Among them is Matt, who you've heard me talk to and about a lot over the years, and his better half, Andrea, who is famed for her unparalleled expertise in the field of cunning hat creation. Matt mentioned to me recently that he'd love to pull together another Hipster, please! gathering, a tradition that dates way the hell back to the 2009 event, and I was , truth be told, honored that he'd even consider it.

It's a super low-key thing that basically exists for, in Matt's own words, "anyone who'd like to make some friends and/or have someone to head over to the venue with." And I think we could all use more friends.

Interested parties should look for the above pictured individuals in the lobby of the Crowne Plaza Orlando Downtown next Saturday morning starting around 11 AM. Attendees will then posse up and migrate to the venue(s) between 11:30 and noon. Oh, and while it's certainly not required anyone wishing to have a drink or three in my honor is certainly encouraged to do so.

Have fun, gang!