Thursday, May 31, 2012

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 133: The Jurassic Spark Mixtape

Apparently you guys really dig dinosaurs. I mean, when I floated the idea of this mixtape 'cast on Twitter the response was immediate.

But that's cool. 'Cause I like 'em too.

In fact I've recently noticed that a lot of my favorite tracks are about the great thunder lizards. Which likely explains why a number of these cuts are repeats.

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Show Notes:

Intro: Baddd Spellah – "Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)"
Beware the Beefasaurus.

Track 1: Scared Of Dinosaurs - "We Are Scared Of Dinosaurs (Intro)"
From the old Superpowerless side project of the same name.

Track 2: DrumUltimA - "JESUS CHRIST IT'S A DINOSAUR GET IN THE EPOCH" / Jurassic Park dialog
This percussion-heavy Chrono Trigger OC ReMix is exquisite!

Track 3: Tribe One - "Devil Rhymeosaur"
This is a great track to listening to at any time, excepting on your way to a job interview.

Track 4: Go Home Productions - "2000 Light Years from Bolan"
How could I not have a T.Rex mash-up in this one?

Track 5: Former Fat Boys - "SPACEDINOSAUR" / DR. SMOOV - "SOS Wheeljack"
Yes, I've used that "SOS Wheeljack" bit before. No, I'm not ashamed of it.

Track 6: Jurassic Park: Legacy - "Derezzed Daft Punk MUSIC Mash Up"
I just randomly ran across this on YouTube, and was struck by how well it fit the show.

Track 7: Math the Band - "Dinosaurs Were Made Up By the CIA to Discourage Time Travel"
Probably one of the greatest Math titles ever.

Track 8: Illbotz - "Dinosaur, Dinosaur"
This here is one of my go-to jams.

Track 9: Monster Magnet - "Dinosaur Vacume" / More Jurassic Park dialog
There're a lotta Jurassic Park clips in this thing!

Track 10: BC - "Raptor Song"
This song was likely the impetus of this particular mix.

Track 11: HORSE the Band - "Sex Raptor" / Still more Jurassic Park dialog
Okay, that title is just fucking terrifying.

Track 12: The Doubleclicks - "Hollywood Raptor"
A pretty recent repeat, but y'all know I have a real affinity for The Doubleclicks.

Track 13: The Late Cretaceous - "Carnivores & Herbivores Can Get Along" / The Land Before Time dialog
From their Demosaurus EP. The recording quality is kinda bad, but I dig this song so much.

Between the Parsec Awards nomination special and a dinosaur mixtape, it almost seems like I cheated you fine folks. It feels like I didn't actually do a proper podcast all month, and I am wracked with guilt.

Forgive me, internet, and I promise to make June's podcasts even more awesome. Okay?

I mean, we're still cool, right?

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Trickster

A couple of weeks back OG Don Vito hit me up with an unexpected email. It turns out that prior to his unfortunate passing, Josh "MC Gigahertz" Montgomery had been working with Vito on a new release.

In the aftermath of Josh's death, Don Vito combed through his production files and finished the project himself, an act that was both a fitting tribute to a fallen comrade and, I'd imagine, a difficult but cathartic experience. It now stands as what may be the first of several posthumous Gigahertz efforts, The Shapeshifter EP.

Its 6 songs are supplemented by literally dozens of pages of liner notes, the bulk of it email exchanges between the two artists. But if these candid notes are a time capsule of 4 months of fierce creativity in 2010, then the songs themselves are oddly colored by Josh's apparent suicide earlier this year. Even tracks like its standout closer, "Summertime is Over," now seem oddly poignant.

OG Don Vito has made the EP freely available, and anyone interested in exploring the more introspective side of the Clown Prince of Absurdcore is encouraged to give it a listen.