Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mid-Week MP3

Elevator Drops were a delightful synth pop band that came and went years before synth pop bands again became a marketable commodity.

While their long-awaited final album has recently been released by The Archenemy Record Company, this track harkens back to their heyday; a time when the Boston trio was signed to the Time Bomb Recordings label, one-time home of such illustrious acts as Reverend Horton Heat, Social Distortion, and Sunny Day Real Estate. Sentimental Love was the lead-in track from their 1997 release People Mover, which, coincidentally, is still available to those with the urge to look for it.

If you dig the Bowie and the Eno and the makeup and the outer space, you will most certainly dig the EDrops. They were a band that was brash, poppy, pissy, sarcastic, melodic, and quasi-literate. All of these qualities, unfortunately, never served to garner them the acclaim they so richly deserved.

While the band itself is long gone, an official site still exists, but peruse it with caution. The EDrops are prone to flights of fancy, and by that I mean liberal quantities of good-natured bullshit.

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Elevator Drops -- Sentimental Love

Me & My Brother

Are the Ying Yang Twins retarded? I mean, seriously – I’m not making fun, I’m just asking if they, either on an individual or collective level, have any sort of developmental difficulties. They were just on and old ep of Players on G4, and there’s just something not right about those two. I’m just saying.