Thursday, April 29, 2010

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 87: Wonkerjawed

At the risk of sounding like a total douche-nozzle, I will call this the long-awaited new episode of Radio Free Hipster. Because it is. At least to me.

The April Podswap is always fun, but the process tends to play hell with my regular podcasting schedule. As a result, this ep. is a little late and I am a little rusty. Hopefully your good nature will provide me a bit of leeway with regard to both.

Download Radio Free Hipster Ep. 87: Wonkerjawed [hosting provided by Antisoc] Size: 47.7 MB Running Time: 52:05

Show Notes:

Intro: Baddd Spellah – "Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)"
These lads are always on time.

Track 1: MC Frontalot – "A Little Bit Broad"
Zero Day is pretty phenomenal from start to finish, but this is an easy standout.

Z's 1st interlude: "Now that I've made my first scatological reference."
Because all good things start with a poop joke.

Track 2: Go Home Productions – "Virgin O'Riley"
A Who mash-up. You know how I do.

Track 3: I Fight Dragons – "Money (Klopfenpop Remix)"
"Money" was probably my least favorite track from the IFD debut, but I gotta give it up to Klopfenpop for this bomb-ass remix.

Track 4: Kirby Krackle – "On and On"
Wolverine gets more than his fair share of love from geek rockers, but this musical tribute actually has legs.

Track 5: Ash – "Kung Fu"
For my homeboy GeekDad Curtis, who is a big fan of the Northern Irish alterna-rockers.

Track 6: Norrin Radd – "Proton Decay"
Chiptune death metal. Fuck. Yeah.

Track 7: Sinister Six – "On the Black or White Hunt (MasDaMind's Michael Jackson Mashup)"
The Negative Zone Remix album is a fine addition to any collection.

Z's 2nd interlude: "Loose and funky… like a well-worn gym sock."
I had a pretty bad cold while I was recording this episode. This is around the time when my meds kicked in. The more you know!

Track 8: Scrubs dialog / Kevin Figs – "BedRock (Rock Remix)"
Kevin makes rock remixes of radio rap joints. They are awesome. Listen to them.

Track 9: mc chris – "Twin Peaks"
mc's April Fools release for this year. It also includes a Ghostbusters reference.

Track 10: Teleidofusion – "Soft Illusion" / Listener request voicemail
I highly approve of listener requests. Especially for amazing chip rock tracks.

Track 11: Parry Gripp – "Young Girl Talking About Herself"
Parry gives away a free song a week. You should download them.

Track 12: Insane Ian – "(Love Theme From) Asteroids (The Motion Picture)"
Herein Ian channels both Aerosmith and Parker/Stone. In equal measure.

Track 13: BC – "Raptor Song"
"I'm a dinosaurus."

Z's final interlude: "Another nerd pride anthem from the good Doctor."
I can't say enough good things about Doc Awk. But I will never stop trying.

Track 14: Dr. Awkward – "DualShAwks" / Klopfenpop voicemail
Big ups to Klopfenpop for the lyrical love note. Even if he was a tad drunk.

I've been gauging audience interest in another Wil Wheaton PAX keynote mixtape, and folks seem to dig the idea. I'm'a try to work that one out for late May.

The next episode, however, will likely be another theme-free affair. I've gotten a ton of fantastic new albums over the past few weeks, and I couldn't possibly fit all of them into this show.

Requests and voicemails are, as always, highly encouraged.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday's Child is Fair of Face

Over on the Twitters there's a little thing called Music Monday, or, more accurately, #musicmonday. (We do so love the hash-tags!)

It's our own regular occurring faux holiday that focuses on sharing music. Suffice it to say that I wholeheartedly approve.

And since my selections for this week are solidly in the nerdy music vein, I figured I'd share the pair here for those who may be Twitter-deficient.

The first, which was teased in the comments of last week's new album post, is from Radio Free Hipster mainstay killsaly. Though ks expends most of his musical energy at present on his full band project Campaign Trail 72, he has just released his final (for the time being) solo effort, a mixtape dubbed Warrior Class.

Covering everything from shoegaze to glitch to chiptunes to VGM to nerdcore, killsaly remixes his way through a veritable cornucopia of dorktastic tropes, all the way tying it together with clever samples and sharp transitions. It includes a track or two that you may have heard before, including his DBZ-tinged mash-up of Frontalot's "Braggadocio," as well as a ton of newer material in its 23 track expanse. For fans of the bootleg remix, it will surely prove to be an hour and 40 minutes well spent.

Also fresh out the proverbial box is the debut from my new homey Jonny Nero Action Hero. Like killsaly, Jonny's no stranger to Radio Free Hipster and you no doubt heard his Cybermen anthem "Cyber Octicks" on my newest comp.

With its six-song length and sharp focus on chiprock, Experimutations is a wholly different affair from Warrior Class, but it's certainly no less enjoyable. It's a name-your-own price EP from Bandcamp, so head over there to sample Jonny's full-fledged musical unveiling, and maybe kick him a little donation if you feel so inclined.

Hopefully, these two releases will keep you entertained until the much-delayed return of RFH later this week.