Friday, November 23, 2012

I Spared Every Expense

I don't really get that into Black Friday. I mean, let's be honest here; I don't exactly require a lot of stuff. I've got mad stuff already, y'all. And just as importantly I'm a big fan of sleep. I cannot say enough nice things about sleeping.

Online sales, however, are the shit. We're all sorta sitting at monitors all day anyway, so that's the very definition of convenience. As such, here's a quick rundown of where I'll be dropping a few duckets throughout the day.

I'm sort of obsessed with the Adventure Time and Transformers Mimobots. Today those products and pretty much everything else Mimoco sells are 20% with the code BloohFriday20. And of course there are also further discounts on their dedicated sale page.

ThinkGeek's Black Friday deals are a little thin this year, but the $5 blinking D20 and $10 Star Wars family decals are solid buys.

Let me be clear; I only ever buy Apps from the official Apple store. My music all comes from Amazon  when I want to be thrifty and Bandcamp when I want to make sure the artist gets his/her fair cut of the sale. Even when I do buy Apps I'm hardwired not to pay full price. Today's game deals include Jumping Finn Turbo – by current fave time-waster – and a volumes 1-7 of the Gamebook Adventures choose-your-own-adventure-style RPG stories for 99 cents apiece. Get 'em!

MC Lars
Right now everything at Lars's online merch shop is 50% off. That means $10 tees, $6 CDs and $17.50 hoodies. Now is the time to stock up.

mc chris
mc is doing his regular post-Thanksgiving sale as well, but currently the actual Indiemerch page itself seems to be fucked up. You can browse for merchandise manually, though, where you'll find shirts for $5-$10 and hoodies for $20.

Mikal kHill
This year my homey kHill is throwing his hat in the savings ring as well. He's offering 25% off on a bunch of digital downloads (including the pre-order for his upcoming EP buy product.) and CD/t-shirt bundles. He's also throwing in free CDs and comps with different purchases. Check out his blog for the discount code and for the pledge such deals entail.

Last but not least, Amazon has pretty much everything else you could possibly be looking for. The first season of Adventure Time is under $20 – Have I mentioned I love that show? – and 3DS launch title Steel Diver is appropriately priced at $5. Plus when you buy shit from there using my links I get a little cash on the back end. Which is how I got all that mad stuff I was talking about.


Rusty Shackles
I totally didn't realize that my brother Rusty Shackles also had a Black Friday sale currently in progress! If you read this blog you've obviously seen this guy's amazing work on the old style concert posters of MC Frontalot, Adam WarRock and Mega Ran. Peep Rusty's blog for details and directions.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fight the Dawn

Yesterday Kyle hit me up with the latest Kirby Krackle single "One More Episode." Only, y'know, I can't share. Attorney-client privilege or some such.

I can, however, point you toward this here teaser video. I'm… I'm pointing down on account of that's where I embedded the video, but you can't see that on account of this is typing.

Give it a listen, and then keep a sharp eye on KK's Bandcamp page for the proper release, which will be occurring at month's end.