Thursday, July 20, 2006

+1 gig of Nerdcore goodness

According to Dirty Nerdy (the a-fficial podcast of 1337 G33k B3at), Shael Riley has landed the opening spot for MC Frontalot’s Sunday night gig at Club Midway in NYC. Congrats to Shael and congrats to all you the lucky Gotham fans who get to experience what will assuredly be a fantastic show!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 1: Pilot

Which, I suppose, would more truthfully entitled Radio Free Hipster Ep. 1: An Auditory Exploration of Z.’s Salivary Glands.
Seriously, kids, for a cat who just recently bitched about audio quality in podcasts, I must have some kinda fuckin’ nerve subjecting you all to the slobbery sound of my hillbilly drawl in this particular edition.
Shitty voiceovers aside, this is my “podcast demo.” This is where all my heartfelt philosophies and idle conjecture concerning what makes a good podcast clash with my own astounding ineptitude as I try to cobble together something vaguely listenable. Did I succeed? I reckon that’s for you to judge. Read on to wrest the meager podcast from its unworldly slumber and further still to find the ubiquitous “show notes” – a concept that I wholly ganked from Tim over at Radio Clash.

Yes, I’m well aware that this podcast may not actually qualify as a podcast at all based solely of the fact that the file itself was not directly delivered to you via the silver platter that is RSS, but, as I’m currently operating this blog with a budget of nil and I have yet to find a stable, remote hosting option that will give me the famed “something for nothing,” I’m making due however I can. Perhaps, if I elect to continue making with the podcasts, I’ll shell out a little scratch (or badger someone into hosting the ‘casts for me) to stream-line the process. In the meantime, I’m afraid, we’ll just have to make due.

Download Radio Free Hipster Ep. 1: Pilot Size: 30.8 MB Running Time: 33:38

RFH Ep 1: Pilot Show Notes

Intro – DJ Snyder “NCHH
I was fortunate enough to coax a fairly high-profile artist into promising to make me a snazzy intro track when I got my podcast “off the ground,” but, as it’s currently achieved only a minimal altitude, I figured I wouldn’t bother him about it just yet. In the absence of a personalized theme, I settled on this DJ Snyder ditty (pulled from Rhyme Torrents Vol. IV) to fill the void. I love this song because of it has a ruthless intensity but still manages to sound silky smooth. It seemed like a perfect place to start. I just hope Snyder doesn’t mind.
Bumper – MC Router “Goddamnit Nerdcore”
Router had a bunch of little one-liners floating around from her last recording session, and was nice enough to share. I really wanted to use a 1337 G34k B34t track in this ep, because I really love Router’s voice, but since Beefy gives 1GB a good bit of play on his podcast, I figured I’d hold off for a bit. This mini-rant seemed like a nice alternative.
Track 1 – MC Frontalot/Baddd Spellah “Nerdcore Hip-Hop (Ye Old School Remix)
My original intent for the structure of the show was play an intro track, a song to set the mood, and then say my piece before beginning the podcast in earnest. Considering all the love that the nerdcore community has shown for me and my little site, this song seemed like a perfect fit. Plus, Spellah and Front were both nice enough to let me interview them, so I wanted to give a little something back.
Z’s 1st Interlude – “What to say? What to say?
I have a deep-ceded fear of microphones. As near as I can figure, it’s an extension of my paralyzing stage fright. This is where I try to set the stage for what this podcast is in as few words as possible. Do I make an ass of myself? Probably, but at least I got my point across: This is a show about music with a blatantly nerdy slant (stuff about nerdy topics/issues and stuff that celebrates nerd-dom) and music that is more subversively nerdy (like tracks that embrace technology and the nerd DYI ethic, as well as songs and styles that focus on geekly concepts like a juxtaposition of styles and a competing revulsion/fascination with popular culture.)
Track 2 – Jay-Zeezer Bonnie, Clyde, and El Scorcho
After my “this is not a Weezer podcast” spiel, I come right in with a Weezer mash-up. What can I say, the Jay-Z rhymes over that Weezer hook is classic, and it has enough nerd elements to keep the show moving in the right direction. Grab the whole Black and Blue Album. It is phenomenal. And free.
Track 3 – Beefy “Movie Girl”
As a rule, I hate skits in a hip-hop record, but this one always tickles me. I swear to god he sounds simultaneously like a snooty debutante and angry chica– it’s scary. He sounds a bit like Stewie Griffin too. Weird… Beefy was another cat nice enough to do an interview. He really does show a lot of support for what I’m doing. Truthfully, most of the regular readers of this blog are Rhyme Torrents contributors. Plus, the RT site links the hell outta me! What can I say? The Nerdcore scene has been really good to me. Grab “Movie Girl” and the rest of the tracks from The Whitesican EP in this handy zip.
Track 4 – Year 200x “MegaMan 2”
A rock solid track I stumbled across a few months back on MySpace (where I picked up this song and several others). I was all prepared to approach them for an interview when I opened up Nintendo Power and found a write-up on ‘em in there. What a cock-block! I should really grow a pair and approach those guys about a feature, but that’s beside the point.
Track 5 – McVaffe “Dancehall Ragga
I don’t know much about McVaffe, but I do know that he has over forty ReMixes available for free download from OCR and I’ve yet to come across a bad one. This is the kind of amazingly talented individual that makes you realize just how important a resource OverClocked ReMix truly is for lovers of game music. As far as I’m concerned, OCR is required listening.
Z’s 2nd Interlude – “I am such a goddamn hick!”
I really tried to dial down my accent when I was recording this, but when I say McVaffe and it comes out Mack-Vay-Affe, I suppose it becomes impossible to belie my rural upbringing.
Track 6 – Stemage “The Theme
I make some fairly broad generalizations from time to time concerning the listening habits of others based solely (and unfairly) off of my own. One such generality is that everyone has heard Metroid Metal. Apparently this isn’t so, and I’d like to do my part to remedy this travesty. The truly amazing thing about Metroid Metal is that it’s one guy – Grant Henry – who does all the instrumentation.
Track 7 – MC Lars “Hurricane Fresh
Lars is one of a growing number of artists who seem to be considered nerdcore by everyone but themselves. I’m cool with that, and I’m not here to hate. I’ll borrow a leaf from YTCracker’s book and call him “tangentially nerdcore.” That’s fresh.
Track 8 – The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets “Twenty Minutes of Oxygen
The Thickets really have been making music since ’92. That’s, like, what? 100 in nerd years? I consider the Thickets maybe one rung below classic nerd rockers like Devo and Talking Heads; that’s the same echelon as They Might Be Giants, for those keeping score at home. That track is from the Spaceship Zero RPG soundtrack. If the lyrics are to be believed, it’s a song about a space traveler who may or may not have a ripcord in his destiny.
Track 9 – YTCracker/myf “In My Time
As I’ve already mentioned, YT, myf, and all the cats from the Rhyme Torrents project have been big supporters of Hipster, please! And, though I plan to do a show purely dedicated to RT artists (if, that is, anyone actually listens to this one), I had to throw this track in. I actually like that mix even better than the original cut, and that is saying something. YTCracker and myf are untouchable independently: Put ‘em together and it’s unbelievable. I’m still a little fuzzy on the lyrics, though. What exactly is a nig nog? Waitaminute! I have a blog… am I a nig nog? My butt does hurt a little. Ah, no matter, I’m sure it’s unrelated.
Z’s Final Interlude – “Berenstain Bears erotic fan fiction”
Did I actually say that? I guess so. This is my show-ender. It ain’t much, but at least I made it through the entire half-hour. Thanks again for listening, and for actually reading this far. ;)
Track 10 – Go Home Productions “Don’t Hold Back (Sweet Jane)
I know it’s fuckin’ cheesy to end with an inspirational story™, but this track really speaks to me. Mark Vidler doesn’t exactly fit the nerd mold, but, whether he’s “one of us” or not, I think his style has a distinct nerd appeal. GHP has remixed/mashed pretty much everybody, and despite his acceptance into the musical mainstream he still gives away tons of shit through his site. That’s nerd.
Outtake – “Turds”
I tried to coax my son into saying something adorable for the intro. Instead he said something funny that I first discarded and then elected to use as an end-cap. Life’s funny sometimes.
And those are the show notes. Thanks for listening/reading, and feel free to share your thoughts. As much as the concept of my voice being spirited throughout the WWW for all (read: some) to hear chills me to the very core of my… core, I actually had a pretty good time putting this thing together. If you’d like a second helping – that is, if you’d like for this feature to continue – holler atcha boy.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Another NYC show

NYC nerds get a double-dose of nerdcore as Jesse Dangerously will be bringing the noise to Galapagos Art Space this Wednesday and, as if that weren’t enough, MC Frontalot has just announced a show at Club Midway the following Sunday. Lucky bastards!

Front writes:

MC Frontalot
Last stop on Nerdcore Rising Tour 2006
Club Midway, 25 Ave B (between 2nd and 3rd) New York City
Sunday, July 23rd 9:30PM $7
18 and up

First eighteen-and-older show in the norteast! Last show before PAX! I could use other exclamation points, but you already understand. That! This! Is!Exciting!

Will have exclusive tour shirts for sale, CDs too. Jess Klein ( ) is opening the show, and she's totally rad. Plus Front will probably do a verse in her reggae number so don't be late.

Saturday the 22nd, Front's at HOPE ( ) to see if he can learn anything about quantum cryptography. If you're attending, find him and say hi.

UK nerd-girl keeps it real

So apparently, Welsh geek-mom Sarah Lang has expressed interest in using her winnings from a TV gameshow to purchase her own little piece of land… on the moon. The admitted Star Trek fangirl also plans to buy a telescope, presumably to make sure people stay the hell out of the yard at her new digs.

I wholeheartedly support her and her crazy-assed decision. First, she admits to her geekiness, so that earns her some cred. Secondly, is there a nerd among us who hasn’t yearned to own his/her own slice of lunar real estate? And lastly, you just can’t argue with a lady with a million quid at her disposal.