Friday, December 15, 2006

And another thing...

Two more items of note before I begin my weekend:

As reported by the fellows at, a recent edition of the Associated Press podcast is devoted to nerdcore. Cool, eh?

Likewise, Slashdot has a piece up about the Nerdcore For Life and Nerdcore Rising documentaries. It paints them like schoolyard rivals, which is patently untrue and extraordinarily silly, but I reckon that’s just the angle they chose to go for.

You can’t escape the nerdcore!

Nerdcore rears its knobby head yet again: this time in community weblog MetaFilter. User dmd drops some knowledge concerning CS Gangsta Monzy and nerd love follows. (Thanks to my brovah BrĂ¼x for hipping me to the link!)

Speaking of nerd love, Dan (the soon-to-be famous director of Nerdcore For Life) has posted some more raw performance footage of your favorite nerdcore MCs doing their collective thang on YouTube. Watch it!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Nerd life the career

You love YTCracker and I love YTCracker and now it appears as though G4 loves YTCracker! In what can only be called the smartest move made by the network in… well… an incredibly long time, G4 gave props to the ODG himself on a recent edition of Attack of the Show. What’s more, the blog dedicated to The Feed, the segment for which YTC made a new theme song, posted the track in its entirety along with lyrics, some more nerd love, and the promise of a forthcoming Webcam interview.

STC is the greatest!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More Nerd News in Brief

Here’s some nerd news you may have missed.

Now-now, don’t feel bad for missing it. You were busy with finals and Christmas shopping and your Laser Tag league. And anyway, that’s what I’m here for: to help you keep on top of shit like that.

Who’s your buddy?
  • Nerdcore is huge in Germany acknowledged by the German press! The European gaming magazine GEE recently did a little piece concerning the “most important nerdcore acts.” Fellow member of the Faithful Seven harrybenson was nice enough to scan the following image of a very sickly looking Frontalot and the accompanying write-ups of 5 nerdcore (or nerdcore-related) artists. Ich bin ein nerdcorer.
  • Did you enjoy the recent Beefy/Goondocks/Optimus Rhyme show at Seattle's Fuel? Would you like to see more nerdy goodness at that venue? Regional mc Tanuki was recently hipped to the fact that Fuel is considering scheduling regular (read: monthly) nerdcore shows. More info on this one as it becomes available.
  • Some songs are inherently violent. In fact, some of them actually fight amongst themselves. Two such tracks include MC Frontalot’s “Livin' at the Corner of Dude and Catastrophe” and Emergency Pizza Party’s “Glutton,” both recent Song Fight! winners. All hail the conquering heroes.
  • And speaking of violence, rather than simply attack the violence of video games, some conservative Christians recently decided to make their own. Based off of the eschatological lit of LaHaye and Jenkins, Left Behind: Eternal Forces puts you in command of God’s own shock troops, killing and converting as you see fit. Ned Flanders would be so proud!
  • In other Godly gaming news, Manifesto Games has recently released The Shiva, a murder-mystery game centered around protagonist Rabbi Stone. Of course, Wal-Mart won’t be selling that one!
  • And lastly, I would like to publicly mourn the loss of beloved American character actor Peter Boyle. While Boyle himself may not’ve been geeky, Young Frankenstein is doubtlessly dripping with nerd appeal. We miss you, big guy.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Three things that should excite you

It’s Monday. That is, as my people* say, le blah. Ere go, I have elected to bring you the following three items guaranteed to make it all better.

Okay, so maybe not all better, but I’m sure it’ll help.

  1. Beefy’s new album Tube Technology is now available for download. I’ve already shared my thoughts, and now you can listen for yourself and determine whether or not I’m completely full of shit! Doesn’t that sound lovely?
  2. The recently released trailer for Nerdcore For Life (the most important documentary since… since that other one… y’know… the… the important one… about whales and… bombs and stuff) has been boing-boinged. Hopefully this will drive some much needed support toward the pet pr0ject of Dan and company.
  3. And lastly, I feel obligated to tell you this because we’re friends: you’ve really outdone yourself this Christmas. I can see (all surreptitious-like through your PC monitor) into your apartment, and I notice you’ve got a lot of nice shit underneath your tree. So, as your pal, I feel it’s only fair that you pick up a little something for yourself. You don’t have a lot of cash, you say? Well, then why not pick up a copy of Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS for a scant twenty bones? This deal is only good tomorrow (Tuesday, December 12th), but all you need to do to take advantage of it is sign up for the Toys ‘R’ Us mailing list. The printable coupon will be emailed to you tomorrow AM and then you can take advantage of this ridiculous deal. Leave it to the CAG community to find all the wicked-fresh game deals!

You feel better now, right? I thought so.

*The phrase “my people” refers exclusively to white-trash Franco-Americans with little to no understanding of the heritage and language of their ancestors.