Friday, December 14, 2007

More Nerd News in Brief

So, Ike Turner died this week. That ain’t exactly what you’d call nerdy, but it’s topical and relevant in a roundabout way.

Ike, you see, was very much a musical visionary. As Matt was quick to point out, Ike Turner actually co-wrote “Rocket 88,” a track that most music historians agree to be the first Rock ‘n’ Roll song.

Of course, he was also a womanizer, an abusive alcoholic, and a drug addict: not exactly the kind of cat you want to look up to, despite his musical prowess.

If nothing else, I reckon Ike reminds us that sometimes amazing art comes from near-despicable people. And whether you're willing to appreciate the former while abhorring the latter is a matter of personal preference, a delicate tightrope walk that some simply choose to avoid.

  • Special E.D.: At long last, the debut album from dorky supergroup The Grammar Club has been released. Bremelanotide is now available for free download, and, honestly, I’m already starting to feel a little aroused. You know what to do.
  • /spit: In other nerdcore side-project news, MCs Super Dragon X and ZeaLouS1 recently announced a new album entitled Epic Dropz: The Warsong Chronicles slated to drop in early ’08. The release will focus solely on World of Warcraft, and Machinima directors are preemptively encouraged to make companion videos once tracks begin to surface.
  • “Of course I'm as good as I say I am.”: Jesse Dangerously was recently interviewed by Canadian music/culture supersite Urbnet. Therein Jesse waxes philosophical about writing his first rap, the use of boastful hyperbole, and the results of his “Outfox’d” challenge. As expected, this is a must-read for nerds and heads alike.
  • Superdeformed: It’s official; both Random and Maja will be appearing at Anime Los Angeles. Straight from the horse’s mouth, “Ran and Maja will be performing 2 sets, on Saturday January 5, 2008 (time TBA) and Sunday January 6, 2008 (tentatively 12:30PM).” If you aren’t excited, I kindly suggest you check your pulse.
  • If only we were cool too: Matt just pointed me toward this Pitchfork piece concerning the new Wrock compilation Rocking Out Against Voldemedia, an album centered on creating awareness concerning the dangers of media consolidation. It’s condescending and snarky – it is Pitchfork, after all – but at least it’s some press. Make sure to download the disk, if you haven’t already.
  • A place where we belong: Church also came through with some interesting Wrock info this week when he pointed me toward this Wizard Wrock ethnography. It’s a really amazing write-up that reminds me of how much better this blog would be if I actually did some damn research!
  • Double Trouble: Recently the stars aligned and MC Router and the ultimate blogger nerd-girl, The Game Dame, joined forces for a night of carousing in Dallas. What exactly went down? How much PBR was consumed? Will the world ever be the same? Read on to find out.
  • As in, how do you make a?: There was a time when I spent most of my time scouring the Interwebz for new and exciting artists to enjoy. Now, for better or for worse, I spend most of my time writing, but, thankfully, artists have finally started to find me. I recently received a very pleasant email from rapper Whore Moans concerning his new release Episode II: Attack of the Moans. I checked out some of the preview tracks and was wholly blown away. Peep his profile for a little taste of what’s in store (and ordering information for those of you savvy enough to be early adopters).
  • Happy Birthday, C64!: Earlier this week I also received a nice message from Jason Tanz concerning some never-before-released tracks from his from his old outfit Commodore 64 that had just been posted over at Wired. For those of you not in the know, C64 was what I like to term a proto-nerdcore group, a fun, kind of silly, and undeniably nerdy rap crew from the late 1990’s. You can check out some tracks from the band’s unreleased follow-up Puberty right here.
  • Addendum: Let me also take a moment to congratulate Jason on his new position as Senior Editor at Wired magazine. Yes, yes, I know Wired is the butt of about half my jokes, but I’m honestly being nice here. If you’ve ever read any of his previous work or had any kind of interaction at all with Mr. Tanz, I’m sure you already know that he’s a thoughtful, down-to-earth cat, who’s got a genuine love for both music and the written word.
  • They are Christmas: Glenn Case also sent me a link this week to a project from one of his co-workers called the Golden Flamers. Glenn told me that they had “managed to create one of the silliest Christmas albums I have ever heard,” and I can’t help but agree. Hit the link for the only album of the season to feature a track in which Santa gets into a knife fight.
  • The recipe for disaster: This one’s been around for more than a month, but I just keep forgetting to talk about it. Those of you who haven’t caught this already, please enjoy the video for the third single from MC Frontalot’s Secrets From the Future. Those of you who have, please enjoy it again… for the first time.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nerd News in Brief

This edition of NNIB finds itself a bit tardy because I have, once again, been sick. Such is the glory of parenthood; there’s always some exciting new pathogen making its rounds through the local schools and daycares, and it just can't wait to get home and nestle in the cozy innards of the rents.

Still, it did give me another chance to catch up on my movie viewing. This time around I watched Fido. It’s got Billy Connolly. And it’s about zombies. In an alternate 1950’s timeline. And Carrie-Anne Moss, probably for the first time in her career, doesn’t look severely anemic.

What I’m saying is you should totally put that shit in your Netflix queue.

  • I come from a land downunder: Church found this very interesting piece from Australia’s The Age about the modern nerd and his importance in the overall societal framework. See? We’re fun and functional.
  • The Spellah speaks: After the questions began to arise surrounding Baddd Spellah’s recent Inkling interview, I sought answers from the man himself. He was happy to tell me that MC Jomega is a new artist that came to nerdcore rap via the BC rave scene. BS goes went to say, “She was MCing at a local open-mic night that my friends' hosted. They got to talking and by turns she revealed being a fan of Frontalot; my friends said they knew me and we ended up trying out a recording session.” And so another nerd rap she-challenger appears from the northwest!
  • Bigger=Better: Not content with the regular year-end Top 10 list, my boy Hex Warrior has decided to list 2007's top 100 nerdy artists. Last week he unveiled numbers 100 – 71, including everyone from mCRT to DJ Snyder to my man Glenn Case. Keep an eye on Hex’s MySpace blog for further developments.
  • Color me excited: Not sure if anyone will flip the fuck out over this other than me, but LogicOne recently mentioned that he and Id Obelis were talking about working together on a project. I’m unsure whether it will be a single track or something on a larger scale, but anything that gets two such talented MCs with two such totally different styles together is a fine idea in my book.
  • Cover story: Hot on the heels of his re-mastered Cover Fire Vol. 1, Able-X has just released Cover Fire Vol. 2. Able describes this second chapter as “6 tracks … I didn't write, some from bands you've never heard of.” Best. Tagline. Ever.
  • The clock is ticking: If you’re planning to submit a track for the CAGcast theme song contest I mentioned a while back, time is growing short. The 100th episode of the Cheap Ass Gamer podcast is mere days away, so get to recordin’!
  • The dozens: And speaking of time constraints, solid information concerning Doc Popular’s projected 12-hour music challenge has finally come to light. The project, dubbed Crate Digger Deathmatch by bastard pop royalty and all-around musical mad scientist TradeMark of The Evolution Control Committee, will take place on Saturday, January 5th of next year. The CDD challenges artists, musicians, and producers of every persuasion and caliber to create at least six 2-minute tracks from no more than $12 worth of music and permissible items purchased from thrift stores. And you gotta do it in only 12 hours. More info should be available for interested parties within the coming week.
  • Everything I needed to know I learned from Star Trek: From my man Church comes a trio of Trek-related pieces. The first is a DOD-approved training module boasting the unlikely title Leadership, The Final Frontier: Lessons From the Captains of Star Trek. The second is about a Klingon adaptation of A Christmas Carol that was performed last week in Minneapolis. And lastly, we have the results from a Worth 1000 contest called If Trekkies Ruled.
  • Better late than never: Matt keeps reminding me (and I keep forgetting) about Wizrocklopedia's 12 Days of Wrockmas. Essentially it's a new FREE Wizard Rock track every day for nearly two weeks from our friends at the 'Pedia. Be warned, though, the tracks are availabe for a very limited time.
  • Words can’t explain: My gal-pal and all around freaky chick Buttnik sent me a Gizmodo UK link that’s left me perplexed and summarily amused. Two words: gadget bondage. Two more: the fuck?
  • For the occultist who has everything: Denika and Dennis turned me on to Etsy a while ago, but I never imagined you could get Lovecraftian Christmas ornaments. Daddy needs an Elder Sign!
  • The Great Old Ones: Also of interest to Miskatonic University alum is this fine selection of high quality MP3 albums from nerd rock icons The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets available at Kerf Music. CDs are for Deeps Ones.
  • I am nerd of the week: I would like to accept the Vaguely Qualified Productions award for Nerd of the Week on behalf of all blogger nerds, and I’d like to… What? No actual award? Then fuck that noise!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Damn the man!

Last week I received an interesting press release from Shawn Who concerning a theme song that he and my pal Antisocial had done for an upcoming consumer advocacy podcast. I was planning to do a blurb about the song, but, after taking a look at the specifics concerning the overall project (particularly with regards to the special guests), I thought it might really be something y’all would be interested in.

Peep the knowledge:

Next Tuesday, Dec. 11, marks a historic moment in consumer e-activism: a one-hour call-in podcast, streaming live from That's where you'll here the podcast theme Shawn Who wrote and rapped (with a slick chiptune beat from fellow nerdcore hip-hop artist antisoc ).

Guests Jeff Jarvis of, Mona "The Hammer Lady" Shaw, Ralph Nader and comic Harry Shearer will talk about consumerism, net roots action and the frustrations of dealing with soulless corporate giants.

NPR's Bob Greenfield and Bart Wilson will take your calls and emails, and together they will present Comcast with an alternate view of the universe -- one in which consumers are not simply a cash drawer and a nuisance, but a priceless resource to cultivate and exploit. Just not in the way they've been exploited for decades.

Visit (the new, improved version, coming this week) Dec. 11 at 9 p.m. EST with your ideas, and your rage.

You know, that is, if your broadband is working.

And if you kids have one o' them MySpace dealies, you can check out Shawn Who Raps right here.