Thursday, October 28, 2010

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 98: From Beyond

The second installment of the Halloween Crap-tacular is bittersweet for me. It always reminds me that I've made it almost entirely through yet another year, but it's also hard not to realize it'll be another 11 months before I can once again bust out some of my favorite candy-covered jams.

Le sigh. Such is life.

This episode is sort of a grab bag with songs about monsters and witches and a handful of out-and-out Halloween-y joints. May they find you in good health and prepare you for an evening of happy haunting.

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Show Notes:

Intro: Baddd Spellah – "Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)"
This Halloween I am going trick-or-treating dressed as Beef Thompson.

Track 1: Sticks Downey – "C.H.U.D."
In case you missed this slice of 80's horror schlock, you can score your very own copy of C.H.U.D. for, like six bucks. Seriously. 

Z's 1st interlude: "Just two away from my big centennial."
I am excited! Are you excited? 

Track 2: Chibibo – "Halloween"
A full year after its original release, I am still listening to Eightbreeders.

Track 3: voicedude – "Keeping Halloween Fly"
I'm not particularly fond of "Keepin' Halloween Alive" or "Pretty Fly (for a White Guy)," but damned if they don't sound good together.

Track 4: Dino-Mike – "Halloween Night"
Is it weird that I heard multiple "Fireflies" remixes, parodies and mash-ups well before I encountered the original song?

Track 5: John Anealio – "A Stormtrooper for Halloween"
John just dropped this track a couple of weeks back, so I had to include it just in case any of you missed its subtle genius.

Track 6: The Oceanic Six – "Monster Eats the Pilot"
Sometimes I really miss LOST, but mostly I mourn the fact that it never shaped up to be the supernatural freak fest that I originally mistook it for.

Track 7: Insane Ian – "We're All Gonna Die (feat. Kiki Canon, Devo Spice and Schaffer the Darklord)"
"I'm not gonna die before I've touched a boob."

Z's 2nd interlude: "A couple of tracks about witchy women."
My only regret is that I only mocked The Eagles once in this entire episode.

Track 8: Navi – "Bad Juju"
Navi seems to write a lot of songs about evil women, but this one sounds particularly sinister.

Track 9: I Fight Dragons – "Sorcery"
I snagged this one from the I Fight Dragons mailing list. That should be reason enough for you to sign up yourself. 

Track 10: Jack Black –  Be Kind Rewind dialog / voicedude – "Ghostbusters N Stuff"
Two voicedude tracks in a single episode? Yep, because they fuckin' slay!

Track 11: Sci-Fried – "Too Many Zombies"
I honestly didn't realize this was a Primus parody until the 3rd of 4th time I listened to it.

Track 12: Timbuktu – "X-Files (feat. Chokeules & D-Sisive)"
Another find selection from our neighbors to the north.

Z's final interlude: "Once you've finished your weekend haunting."
How bad does it suck that Halloween falls on a Sunday this year?!

Track 13: Marc with a C – "Shock Treatment"
Someday I really must remember to ask Marc who sings the exquisite harmony vocals on this track.

The next episode will be wonderfully theme-free. I've amassed a ton of amazing new tracks over the past few weeks, and I am itching to share them.

Of course I could also be persuaded to play a special request or two. You know how I do.

I promised myself I wouldn't bug y'all anymore for input into late-November's 100th episode, but, alas, I cannot resist. So please tell me what you wanna hear and leave me some nice listener voicemail.

Don't make me beg.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

That's No Podcast – It's a Space Station

Dick jokes galore!
There aren't a lot of things I'll stay up late for, but The Bonebat Show is one of them.

Last weekend I did just that. My pal Steve and his lifelong home-skillet Gord invited me on to sit in on what I consider to be the best comedy and culture 'cast around, and I was honored to do so. The fellows were amazingly gracious hosts who even allowed me to hock my wares – specifically the forthcoming 100th episode of Radio Free Hipster – and managed to keep me thoroughly entertained well into the early AM. Though, truthfully, I'm not sure if I did the same for them. Like I said, it was late, and I'm afraid I was a little off my game.

In addition to talking up my meager projects, we also spoke at length about music and comics and all that other dangerously important shit. I even endeavored to wax poetic about the odd semantics of geek-versus-nerd in their "What Pisses You Off?" segment, although I imagine my point may have been lost amid so much drowsy rambling.

The important thing, however, is that I was not the only guest on deck that evening. Seattle's own Death*Star were also all up ins, and they even managed to pull off a live performance in-show!

(Regarding this I am both totally pissed off that Steve and Gord did something like this before me and completely in awe of how well it came together. Mostly the latter.)

The long and short of it is that The Bonebat Show is awesome, and you should totally check it out. The episode in question won't be out until next month, but don't wait until then to wade into the delightful madness.

I'll also urge you to keep an ear to the ground concerning new stuff from Death*Star later this year, both as a contributor to the first in a series of themed EPs from yours truly and in the form of their own follow-up release to The Fandom Menace. But I can say no more, as half of these are not my beans to spill!

In closing I just want to thank Gord, Steve, 3PO, C0s and Bill Beats for their late night camaraderie, filthy jokes and riveting conversation. These are truly the things that dreams are made of.