Friday, June 20, 2008

The Wrath of Anon

Just this morning I received a message from the undisputed king of nerdcore himself, Mr. YTCracker. YT wanted me to know that his G4 commercial spot was now available on YouTube as well.

For those of us who got to check out his personal clips of the video shoot before they were mysteriously removed, it's really kind of cool to see how the final product came together.

It's a glorious blend of frenetic cuts, text overlays, nerd dancin', and, of course, that YTCracker flow. Take a look below, and then hit the link to rate and comment.

STC is the greatest!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nerd News in Brief

I am currently tired and listless.

Not much I can do about the tired part, as the boss tends to frown on at-desk naps. The listlessness, though, I believe can be remedied. With a list.

I shall call it Nerd News In Brief.

  • Please, Harry, Don’t Hurt ‘Em: Church has uncovered a trio of interesting facts about the boy who lived. First, the new Potter story recently penned by J.K. Rowling will be made into a short film to be shown at newly announced Wizarding World theme park in Orlando. Also, the uses of the core Harry Potter books have recently been broadened to include legal precedents and tornado safety. You can’t make this shit up, people.
  • Adorable: On the WRock front, Matt has hipped me to a new project from The Butterbeer Experience. Now that her recent tour has concluded, Lena has challenged herself to write 2 songs a day for a week. Information on the challenge (and the chance to help pick song subjects) can be found at YouTube.
  • Fertile Myrtle: While you’re getting your ‘Tube on, you might also want to check out a preview of the title track from the new Moaning Myrtles album. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that said clip contains hot witch-on-witch action. Seriously.
  • Dumbledore’s Army: Also from my buddy Matt comes this link to an AP article on Wizard Rock. It’s a pretty even-tempered piece that links both the ‘Pedia and the HP Alliance. Go read it and then feel bad for missing WRockStock.
  • Another Level: Ant and the GM4A crew have just released details concerning their second annual Level Up! event in LA. Featured artist include ZeaLouS1, Super Barrio Bros, and The Megas, and it’s scheduled for July 13th at CIA. Go. Take pictures. Think of me.
  • Get Your Fix: If you, like me, have been lamenting the lack of nerdy piano pop, may I humbly suggest you peep Sugar Fix. It’s the musical stomping ground of one-man band Hillel, and I really think you’ll dig what he’s doing. He has a song called "Rule 34." It’s that kind of a party.
  • Blimey!: If what you’re looking for is more in the bastard pop vein, let me direct you to Good Blimey! This is a repository of nearly 3000 mash-ups, all free for the taking. Thanks to Glenn Case for pointing this one out!
  • Free At Last: More sources of free music can be found in this Free Geekery – not to be confused with free_geek - post. While some of the choices are questionable, the inclusion of OverClocked ReMix alone warrants a thumbs-up from me.
  • Blazing, Not Entirely Unlike a Star: On the nerdcore new release tip comes news from funky49. His new album Starblazer, funk’s first full length, will soon be here soon. It’s just a hair under 70 minutes in length, will be available in physical and electronic formats, and features longtime collaborator redvoid as well as mCRT, Ham-STAR, MC Wreckshin, Betty Rebel, Sir-Up, and mc jeff z/dimension. The gang’s all here!
  • These Internets Are: YTCracker’s new EP Serious Business is currently available through iTunes. This is YT we’re talking about, so he pretty much gives us permission to pirate the disc in the liner notes, but would it kill you to throw some duckets at the man?!
  • This Old Console: Video of MC Frontalot’s new G4 spot has hit said Internets and it is pretty sweet. Front says you should be seeing the commercial “on G4 right around now, or on any other basic cable channel if your provider is Comcast.” Behold his bespectacled glory.
  • True Patriot Love: There will be a very special nerdcore battle set on July 1st, also known as Canada Day, at Boh! Canada: Rewind (221 Rideau St. Ottawa, Ontario). Interested parties can peruse the flyer here and here, and local geeks are highly encouraged to attend.
  • We All Screen!: Nerdcore For Life has two new upcoming screenings. The first is at The Philadelphia Independent Film Festival on Saturday, June 28th, and the second is at The San Francisco Frozen Film Festival on Saturday, July 12th. Dan is unable to make the Philly fest, and has offered to pay for the ticket of someone willing to check the screening out and report back to him. (Plus he’ll throw in a fancy new Nerdcore For Life t-shirt!) Additional details can be found at the new Crapbot Prodcutions blog.
  • DIY Traveling Summer Camp Circus Crazy Rock Tour and Freak Show: The Unlimited Enthusiasm Tour kicks off next week in Boston, and to celebrate this fact we’re gonna end with the new video of the tour’s unofficial theme song. It is “GO!” by Uncle Monsterface, and it’s like a carnival ride through a Muppet minefield.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In a nutshell

My buddy Anthony, known both as a cornerstone of the GM4A blog and as the co-host of the Letters vs. Numbers podcast, has recently taken up the weighty task of prognosticating the forthcoming events of Nerdapalooza '08. Yes, through his Nerdapaloozer blog, Ant is giving fans a preview of the things to come at next month's festival.

By re-captioning panels from old Transformers comics.

While I imagine this is a rather unorthodox means of devination, it obviously works as evidenced by this morning's entry that pretty much sums up my existence.


Zounds! I've been found out!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

File under time-wasters

It's my first day back at work since last Wednesday and I miss my kids. I miss my house. I miss my bathrobe and 1Up slippers.

How have I been coping with 8+ hours in my tiny, windowless office? By screwing around.

A link to this Scion Crest Generator came across the GeekDad group last week, and I'd been meaning to play with it. I was sort of an easy sell, as I'm a Scion owner, but some of y'all might dig it too.

This was the first crest I came up with. I'm thinking of using it as the wallpaper for a MoonShell skin I'm working on for my DS.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Stuff for Me; Stuff for You

Happy belated Father’s Day to all my fellow geek dads (and GeekDads) out there! Here’s hoping everyone had an enjoyable one.

In addition to the standard Dad’s Day fair, I received an additional little present this weekend. It’s a copy of Ultraklystron’s latest release Opensource Lyricist. The album came with a nice note from Karl, complete with silly drawings. Said note specifically requested that I review the album (which I’ll be doing shortly), but it also promised guaranteed more releases from him in the future. Ultraklystron fans rejoice!

That same afternoon I also received a postcard from the Unlimited Enthusiasm Expo street team inviting me to the local NC and GA shows for “unlimited fun.” As tempted as I am by the offer, it looks like I’ll have to miss them. But, since I’ll get an earful of the tour at Nerdapalooza, it’s kinda hard to get down.

And speaking of Nerdapalooza, my wife Em decided at the last minute that the presents she and the kids had picked out for me – namely a Dalek t-shirt, a Vespa Motorsports t-shirt, some new shorts, a fresh pair of Chucks, and a bag of lollipops (which I’m pretty sure X. had picked out for himself) – weren’t enough, so she opted to let me choose from two additional gifts. It was between a D&D 4th edition Player’s Handbook and some bumper stickers to give away at the festival. In the end, the stickers won out. We only ordered 100, but, honestly, I can’t imagine that won’t be more than enough. Here’s a rough image of the final design, so if you like what you see feel free to hit me up at Nerdapalooza for a free sticker!