Monday, June 16, 2008

Stuff for Me; Stuff for You

Happy belated Father’s Day to all my fellow geek dads (and GeekDads) out there! Here’s hoping everyone had an enjoyable one.

In addition to the standard Dad’s Day fair, I received an additional little present this weekend. It’s a copy of Ultraklystron’s latest release Opensource Lyricist. The album came with a nice note from Karl, complete with silly drawings. Said note specifically requested that I review the album (which I’ll be doing shortly), but it also promised guaranteed more releases from him in the future. Ultraklystron fans rejoice!

That same afternoon I also received a postcard from the Unlimited Enthusiasm Expo street team inviting me to the local NC and GA shows for “unlimited fun.” As tempted as I am by the offer, it looks like I’ll have to miss them. But, since I’ll get an earful of the tour at Nerdapalooza, it’s kinda hard to get down.

And speaking of Nerdapalooza, my wife Em decided at the last minute that the presents she and the kids had picked out for me – namely a Dalek t-shirt, a Vespa Motorsports t-shirt, some new shorts, a fresh pair of Chucks, and a bag of lollipops (which I’m pretty sure X. had picked out for himself) – weren’t enough, so she opted to let me choose from two additional gifts. It was between a D&D 4th edition Player’s Handbook and some bumper stickers to give away at the festival. In the end, the stickers won out. We only ordered 100, but, honestly, I can’t imagine that won’t be more than enough. Here’s a rough image of the final design, so if you like what you see feel free to hit me up at Nerdapalooza for a free sticker!


Anthony said...

i'm going to buy 50, and slap them on peoples backs when they aren't looking =D

paradise dan said...

I'm putting in dibs on a sticker now.

ADeadHeart said...

This is me. At Nerdapalooza. Screaming about stickers. Do you see me?

Z. said...

That conjures up a nice image, Ant.

I'm sure it will look fetching on the back of the Uncle Monsterface official tour triceratops (tourceratops?). Admit it, tehre's no way you guys tour in a *van*!

I'll snag one just for you, ADH. :)

Anonymous said...

They will all be mine, mwa hahahaha

Z. said...

You Englishmen are so sinister, what with your maniacal laughter and your tea!