Friday, June 13, 2008

The 2nd Time Around


I had a little downtime this afternoon while I was feeding my daughter, and I took advantage of it by watching the festival cut of Nerdcore For Life. Since I've already shared my thoughts on the rough cut of the film I screened earlier this year I don't feel the need to elaborate too much, but let me say that the doc has been cleaned up, streamlined, and brilliantly refined.

A few notable additions have been included with regard to the film's talent pool, and some of its more extraneous sequences have been nicely trimmed. It's good to see a few "newer" - meaning not overtly present in the scene during the documentary's primary filming - artists represented and a couple of elder statesmen more properly profiled. There was even a nod to the newly refurbished Hipster, please!, which was both totally unexpected and a genuine honor.

While the rough version of the doc I viewed back in January was enjoyable and certainly well representative of the movement, I've got to say that this cut is significantly more visually appealing not to mention a smother overall ride.

While it still has it's share of embarrassing moments, these are contrasted nicely against our triumphs. Moreover, the high and low points of nerdcore are, in my opinion, illustrated fairly and through the words and actions of the parties involved. It's still our story, but now it's got enough flash to help it appeal to a bit of a broader audience.

Suffice it to say that those of you catching the second showing this Sunday at STIFF are in for a treat.


Luzid said...

So who's the new blood in the film?

Z. said...

Don't have my notes in front of me (and I'm not too sure how much I'm at liberty to say), but I do recall seeing a little Maja action in one of the performance montages.