Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Please Aid These Wandering Adventurers

There are few things more pure and beautiful than nerd metal. In fact the phrase "nerd metal" is rather redundant. Metal in its truest form is nothing more than aggressive nerdery. From the cartoon swashbuckling of Maiden's Bruce Dickinson to the trippy concept albums of Mastodon, heavy metal is our music. Even if the guys making it sometimes go to great lengths to preserve their fragile image as leather-clad shit-kickers.

Pittsburgh's Dethlehem, however, do the honest thing and shed all pretense. They embrace their legacy by not only playing music that is hard, fast and cleverly nuanced, but by actively communing with their undeniable dork side. Dressed as fantasy warriors they take to the stage with their sword hands strong and their collective tongue (gross!) planted firmly in cheek.

Imagine if Dio had their own WoW guild. If Anthrax played your local Renaissance Faire. Now multiply by thac0.

But like any band of adventurers, Dethlehem must occasionally refill their coffers, restock their potions and other wares in anticipation of another grand quest. In this case that means touring.

The crew, being a self-respecting indie outfit, is currently hosting a Kickstarter campaign to help ready the DethleVan for the coming tour season, and you can help. You are their stamina buff.

Reach into your pockets and donate whatever spare gold pieces you may have. And rest assured that it will help Dethlehem in its mission to defend the righteous and punish the wicked.

It will also buy new tires.