Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hard to the Core

Do you know what I like? Bacon!

But I reckon this isn’t exactly the place to talk about that. On the other hand, this is the perfect place to talk about something else I like, in this case international nerdcore combo Dual Core.

A few weeks back, int eighty promised me an update concerning the various exciting things the band’s been up to in recent months, and such a communiqué just graced my inbox. And since I know y’all dig Dual Core too, I thought I’d share the wealth.

Think of it as an artist-specific NNIB, in all it’s bulleted glory.
  • New Digs: At long last, the new version of the official Dual Core Web site is now online. It features an RSS feed, snippets from their albums, and photos from recent shows. Peep the knowledge.
  • Missing: 1 Reality. Slightly Used. Reward.: At even longer last, the duo’s new album Lost Reality is now officially available online through said swanky new site. You can also score it via iTunes and Amazon, so there’s no reason not to own it. (I’ll elaborate on this fact later this month in my official album review.)
  • Friends Like These: You can also hear the dulcet tones of eighty on the newly released Digital Gangster LP from the dynamic duo of YTCracker and MC Lars. Did I mention that this is an album you need to buy as well?
  • On the Road Again: Dual Core also joined the Digital Gangster tour with MC Frontalot, MC Lars, and YT for three glorious shows in Bowling Green, Chicago, and DeKalb. And they’ve appeared at a number of conventions including Toorcon X (San Diego, CA), Con on the Cob (Akron, OH), Ohio Linux Fest (Columbus, OH), Day-Con II (Dayton, OH), and Phreaknic 12 (Nashville, TN).
  • The Future is Now: Perhaps most importantly, eighty let slip that they are already hard at work on their next album, which will, I am assured, boast "more awesome production from c64." Not only that, but they’re slated for guest appearances on several other upcoming releases. Of course, they didn’t want to spoil the surprise by telling me which releases. But trust me; as soon as I know, you’ll know.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Nerdcore's European Vacation

What is the meaning of this?!

Okay, admittedly that came off a bit too demanding, but check out the link and see if you don't have a similar reaction. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Done? Good.

Let's discuss:

When this site was brought to my attention this weekend, I was a little skeptical. I mean, why would some as-yet-unknown (at least to me) Dutch organization purport to be bringing nerdcore to The Netherlands? That seems, y'know, a little unbelievable. But the more I looked into this, the more legit it appeared.

First and foremost, the idea of a European screening of Nerdcore For Life certainly isn't out of the question. And both the site's info concerning the doc and its presentation seem to jive with the overall feel of the film, as well as its established modus operandi. (To this end, I've hit up Dan for details and will share them when/if they become available.)

Secondly, the site's footer links the Glitched event with, the R&D arm of Dutch Internet application firm 4worx. So this, too, makes sense, as I have no problem believing that such a company would benefit from sponsoring what amounts to a Euro-centric geek celebration.

Then we have the clincher. Check Beefy's sig file over at Rhyme Torrents, and you'll see a link to the same event page. So it doesn't exactly take Adam fucking Savage to state that this is, at least on the surface, wholly plausible. But there are many unanswered questions.

If Lars, YT, Beefy and Router have been confirmed to perform – which, again, makes sense when attached to a film screening – will this be an isolated event or can we expect a full-on European tour? Moreover, does this mark Router's official return to the nerdcore fold? And there's always the question on money; I mean, is 4worx really footing the bill to fly these folks all the way to Amsterdam?

In the end, what I'm looking for is details. Failing that, I'll also accept theory and/or conjecture.

My fellow nerds, you now have the floor.