Thursday, October 02, 2008

Nerd News in Brief

Vacations are like cocaine. They cost too much, they’re never as much fun as your friends tell you they’re gonna be, and, when it’s all over, you feel even shittier than you did to start with. Sadly, we just keep taking them. 

We are addicted to vacationing.

I think it’s sort of a cultural thing. All my European friends take these nice, loose, lengthy holidays in exotic locals and actually manage to, y’know, relax. Whereas we Americans try and squeeze a year’s worth of fucking around into one week, exhausting ourselves in the process.

It’s a bad scene, I tells ya. A bad scene.
  • Revenge of the Nerd Girl: MC Router recently popped up on’s The Feed displaying her various and sundry geeky tattoos. There were some comments. They were pretty silly. It is, after all, G4 viewers we’re talking about.
  • You Can’t Deny the Force: Thanks to Candi for pointing me toward this trailer for the 2 Skinnee J’s documentary Get in the Van. The film contains footage from the guys’ 2008 summer reunion tour, assorted nerdtastic bullshittery, and, for some reason, Andy Dick. More info can be found at the Fat Rock Productions site.
  • Without Irony: On the subject of documentaries, MC Frontalot and Nerdcore Rising director Negin Farsad were featured earlier this month at, where they talked about the film and nerdcore in general. There’s even a nice little video presentation offered as accompaniment that features Front, Negin, some fans, and hobbits. Always with the hobbits.
  • Music + Television, Wizard + Rock: Church wants to let everyone know that MTV has finally got around to shining a proper light on the Wizard Rockumentary. Okay, so admittedly MTV’s piece is little more than a blurb, but it’s a nice blurb about a great project, so check it out.
  • Dork the Vote: Recently mc chris popped up, if you can believe it, on the official Obama campaign blog! Watch this Warped Tour voter registration vid to see for yourself. He’s near the end.
  • Dynamic Duos: mc has also announced the openers for his fall tour. Among them are my pal Beefy and Canadian hip-hop titan Jesse Dangerously. Keep an eye on as dates solidify.
  • Flip Your Wig: My boy Anthony and the Game Music 4 All guys have announced an extra special event called West Coast Wig Out. This all-day concert will features California’s finest nerdy musicians, as well as a number of special guests from faraway locales. Clear your calendar come mid-November, ‘cause this is not a show to be missed.
  • From the Horse’s Mouth: A few weeks back I had the pleasure of checking out MC Lars at my local dive bar. Lars put on a great show and was a joy to talk to, especially when he started dropping some knowledge re: his various projects. Lars let slip that his new release would boast samples from Therapy? and Fugazi, as well as a number of special guests. He also confirmed that he and D.G. YTCracker are hard at work on a unique musical endeavor of their own.
  • A Primal Force: Also on the new project front is nerdcore all-star trio Heightened Titans featuring T.Y.T., Whore Moans, and The Ranger. Ranger has promised me an album within the coming month – an offer I plan on holding him to – but, in the meantime, hit up the Titans’ MySpace for a taste. 
  • Meanwhile, in Robot City: Mega Ran has had a lot to celebrate in recent months, and that trend continues. He’s been heavily nominated as the “Artist to Watch” at this year’s Online Hip-Hop Awards – and you’re encouraged to nominate him too. He’s also recently launched his own fan board, which certainly warrants your attention. Yep, everything’s coming up Random.
  • UltraK on USB: If you’re looking to get your Karl Oslon on, have I got a deal for you! You can score the entire Ultraklystron back catalog for a mere $25. Yes, Nearly 3 gigs of nerdy goodness on a super functional flash drive. Who could ask for anything more?
  • Crunchy Newness: On the new music tip, there’s a trio of releases that demand your attention. The first is the dark and techy Anomalous Materials Laboratory by my pal Antisocial. The second is the sinister, seasonal Triple-Six Mixtape from Mad DPS and the Rhyme Torrents crew. And lastly is id obelus’s The Inevitable Crushing EP. The first two are free, while the third will set you back a mere 5 bucks.
  • He is the Final Boss: And just because MC Frontalot’s album Final Boss won’t be released for another month doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it now. How, you ask? By pre-ordering from Front’s site you will be granted immediate access to a high-quality digital version of the album to tide you over until your physical CD arrives. How delightful!
  • A Primer: The lovely Lizz (of Wizrocklopedia fame) has just made available a Wizard Rock Starter Pack over at It’s an amazing collection of live and studio tracks from Harry and the Potters, Peeved, The Whomping Willows, The Parselmouths, The Remus Lupins, and many, many more. Also, it is free!
  • The Opposite of Horrible: And taking us out today is a YouTube find from Matt. It’s Lauren and Nina of The Moaning Myrtles covering a certain song from a certain Sing-Along Blog. Enjoy.