Friday, December 08, 2006

Nerdcore For Life trailer

The Nerdcore For Life trailer has finally hit the Web. I’d love to tell you all about, but the piece speaks for itself. So, I’m’a let it talk.

Nerd News in Brief

When you want your nerd news expediently delivered in easily digestible chunks, you need Nerd News in Brief. Am I right? Of course I’m right!

I’m like a momma bird, chewing up the nerd news and then vomiting it into your tiny, eager beaks. Only less gross.

  • Fans of Beefy’s Just Another Lazy Podcast should be aware that JALP now has a Web site of its very own. Makes you feel all tingly, doesn’t it?
  • Nerdcore artist I||GI|| will be playing a gig with Nintendo punk superstars 14 Year Old Girls in LA next Monday (December 11th) at il corral. West Coast nerds are instructed to head over there and get their geek on. Extra credit to anyone who can convince the ‘Girls to do an interview with Hipster, please!
  • Canadian MC Wordburglar has been nominated for a Bucky Award for Best Song Lyric (presented by CBC Radio 3), and it’s up to you to vote a brother in! Canada’s got democracy to spare. (Also be sure to vote for the excellent, but decidedly un-nerdy, Tegan & Sarah in the categories of Best Haircut and Band That Most Resembles Itself.)
  • In other hoser-related news, nerdcore rhymestriss, Baddd Spellah co-conspirator, and Ultraklystron’s numbah-one homie Nursehella was recently featured on a nerd music-centered radio broadcast. A leakage of her recent collab with Mr. Olson also occurred.
  • And lastly: people are stupid. I just don’t know how else to say it. Why else would there be widespread reports of people breaking shit with their Wii-motes? Sure, I’m certain that a percentage of the damage occurs because of faulty wrist straps, but I’m more than willing to bet that the bulk of them are due to over exuberance at best and just plain ol’ dumb-assitude at worst. This, I imagine, is the reason that Nintendo sent me the following friendly reminder concerning proper operation of my controller… As if the nag screen before every game and the extensive documentation provided with the console wasn’t enough. I weep for the world.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 12: In Before the Buzzer

I am riddled with guilt. In any given month, I create two separate podcasts: each usually of 45 minutes in length, give or take. When you consider that sometimes as much as 15 minutes of each of those segments is taken up by me talking shit, this leaves me merely a single scant hour in which to pack an entire month’s worth of kick-ass tunage. This is compounding by the fact that OCD dictates that the bulk of these episodes be devoted to some manner of “theme.” All-in-all, this puts me in quite a pickle. There are many songs that I adore, many tracks I that feel that you genuinely need to hear, but some – no matter their level of individual merit – fall through the cracks. As a result, certain songs and artists are woefully underrepresented.
This episode is dedicated to the tracks that I truly feel you should check out before the year is through. Some of them you may’ve heard before, but good things bear repeating. Others may be totally new to you. Either way, I hope you hear some geeky goodness that you exuberantly agree is worthwhile.
Show Notes
Intro: MC Hawking – “Big-Bizang”
Only the Hawkman could make a Kid Rock take-off work. Bow before his majesty.
Z’s 1st interlude: “Less than legal channels”
As a man who routinely plays illicit remixes on his podcast, this revelation may or may not surprise you.
Track 1: The Worthless Peons – “Underdog”
AKA Ted’s Band. AKA The Blanks. You can see this clip (and a bit where they perform the Speed Racer theme) here.
Track 2: Beefy – “Ego Monster”
I don’t think this can be considered a leak, as this song’s been featured on JALP as well as on Beef’s MySpace. Still, I figured it’d be easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.
Track 3: Tenacious D – “Break-in City (Storm the Gate)”
With lyrics like “The mission is clear / I'm going over there / I'm going to do the mission,” is it any wonder that Jack Black is the voice of our generation?
Track 4: 14 Year Old Girls – “Dynamite Car Plane”
I can only assume this track is about the freeware game of the same name.
Track 5: Totally Radd! – “Shark Attack Day Camp”
This is another band that I am almost ashamed to admit I only recently heard about. You can find more info and clips at their label’s Web site.
Track 6: Party Ben – “Genius of London
The beauty of the mash-up lies in its ability to polish a turd, making the un-listenable fun and catchy.
Z’s 2nd interlude: “Proven to cause cancer in laboratory animals.”
In a just world, Salman Rushdie would write unmolested and the Black Eyed Peas would have to flee to the underground for fear of their lives. Hey, can a southern white guy call for a fatwa? No? Damn…
Track 7: Oddioblender – “Pip to the Pop Don’t Stop
Odd was nice enough to send me a copy of Gustuf Young is Dead. Expect to hear more from that album on future podcasts, for it is made of win.
Track 8: Castlevania 20th Anniversary Collection – “A Requiem”
I’m really happy with my Portrait of Ruin pre-order bonus, but some folks are fuckin’ nuts.
Track 9: The Advantage – “Castlevania-Stage 3”
The Advantage’s self-titled first album is excellent. You should buy it.
Track 10: Go Home Productions – “Uptight Maggie”
I like Rod Stewart tracks a lot more when Stevie sings over the melodies.
Track 11: My Parents Favorite Music – “Coffee”
My defense for not hearing MPFM sooner? I don’t have a MySpace. Seriously. I don’t believe in it. I disavow the existence of MySpace.
Track 12: Homer intro / Cheap Trick – “Surrender”
There is an all-female Cheap Trick cover band. See? Everyone likes Cheap Trick but you. I admonish you. I admonish the hell out of you!
Z’s final interlude: “A gift, of sorts.”
I gotta give it up to funky49 again for sending me the following track. Y’all feel free to turn me on to stuff you think I need to hear.
Track 13: Next Fashion – “In Space”
This is such a fun track. It simply begged to be included!
Background Music: DJ Snyder – “Contraptions
I’m fairly certain this song has something to do with the Reptilian Conspiracy. (Apologies to everyone save Snyder concerning the preceding in-joke).
So that takes care of some of the songs I wanted to play for you before 2006 is no more. Still, there were countless others that still got passed over due to time constraints. The lack of Jesse Dangerously and Spamtec Crew in this year’s crop of heavily rotated artists fills me with regret. Well shit; there’s always next year.
I hope you enjoyed yourselves, and look for the RFH Holiday Special in two weeks or so.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Post-gig wrap-up from NcN

Check out the clip below to see a worn-out Gabe and drunken a Syn (both of Nerdcore News fame) give you the skinny on last weekend’s Beefy/Goondocks /Optimus Rhyme show in Seattle. It’s got everything a nerdboy/girl could possibly want: your favorite nerdcore MCs doing their collective thang, silly dancing, talk of vomiting… It’s all in there, folks.

You may notice some clipping in the audio during the performance segments. That’s not because of the volume; it’s what happens to contemporary electronics when they are exposed to such a high level of pure fuggin’ awesome.

Consider yourself warned.