Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gundam Wang

As many of you already know, rapper Adam WarRock is my baby's mother. (Okay, not literally.) Ergo I am honor bound to tell you that this very month he is conducting a rare donation drive.

Y'see, Adam doesn't ask for handouts. He doesn't do Kickstarter. He pays for all of his expenses, from travel to merch to production, out of his own pocket. However with this fall tour backing up mc chris, MC Lars and Random coming down the pipe, he needs to pad the wallet a bit to help keep his belly full as he traverses the Nerd Nation. You can help out by heading over to his virtual home base to buy said merch or, better yet, by sliding the guy a couple dollars via this handy donation link.

Unlike PBS, Adam doesn't reward you with some shitty tote bag for sharing your hard-earned duckets. All month he's gonna continue to provide you special free weekly singles. These are singles in the classical sense, by the way, with their own b-sides -- a concept which I heartily endorse.

He and Tribe One kicked shit off last week with "Study Hall," and this time around it's the anime-tinged nastiness of "Gundam Wings & Fries." Snag 'em both, and keep a keen eye out for more of the new hotness from your favorite comic shop MC.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Nerd Money, Nerd Problems

A new Kirby Krackle album all but guarantees two things. The first is a glowing review from me. The second? Kick ass new videos!

Check out the latest in visual delights from the guys. It's for "Nerd Money," the second single from their Super Powered Love full-length. It was lovingly animated in ultra-chibi style by the one and only Betsy Lee, but the nerd wealth fantasy is universal.