Thursday, June 01, 2006

Nerd news in brief

With summer well underway I find myself bogged down with all of the idle fucking around that I’ve been putting off for months. Thankfully, our nerd news nuggets of the past few days are conveniently bite-sized!

  • DS Lite leak – One of our old pals at CAG discovered yesterday that some local retailers had put DS Lites on the shelves well before the June 11th street date. Feel free to head out to your local (b&m) Wal-Mart or Target and try your luck.
  • Win a Free DS Lite form Kotaku – Want a DS Lite but you’re too damn cheap to drop $130? Try decoding this week’s secret message at Kotaku and win one (and some other groovy shit). Here’s what you need to know for this week's drawing:
    "To enter the contest you must break this code: nrytt xrfwy ktwdt zuzsd ptyfp znyjx
    One hint: the Key to the code can be found in Eliza's first post on Kotaku. If you search for the story you'll come to the month that leads the first sentence. Perhaps the third month isn't the only one Caesar should beware.
    To enter, email the answer in the subject line to: by midnight Friday EST. One entry per a person please. If you enter more than once per a weekly contest Kotaku reserves the right to have fits and ban you from this and future contests."
    It's a damn clever set-up, and, while I won't give you the answer, I will wish you the best of luck.
  • Penny Arcade and the ESRB – Gabe and Tycho are in cahoots with the ESRB! Yup, the Entertainment Software Rating Board has asked our heroes for help in spreading the good word of self-regulation. The Penny Arcade boys have created characters symbolic of the current ratings system in hopes of fostering understanding in the famously clueless modern parent.
    "That's not an easy task but we took the job for a couple reasons. Number one Tycho and I are both fathers now. The discussion about the ESRB and its place in the gaming industry is no longer just academic for us. Our kids will be playing games before we know it. Second, we much prefer the ESRB to government regulation and let's all be honest here, that's the alternative. "
    Way to take one for the team, guys!
  • Nerdcore mix – I’ve been holding off mentioning this for weeks now, but, for those not already in the know, the cats at have crafted not one, not two, not three, but four delightful nerdcore compilation CDs for FREE MUTHA-GRABBIN’ DOWNLOAD! Links will go live on Rhyme Torrents in just a few days. The line-up includes damn-near every nerdcore artist available, some (read: many) going so far as to contribute new tracks. It’s a wonder to behold, and you can bet your greasy grandma that I’ll be milking the torrents for all they’re worth!
And, with that, you should be pretty well caught up. Long days and pleasant nights.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Geek movie news

Not content to have a mere 6 versions of his film-noir cyber-punk classic floating around, Ridley Scott has elected to grace us with yet another goddamn version of Blade Runner.

The DVD, featuring the 1992 "director's cut," will be deleted after four months, and replaced by a 25th anniversary "final cut," which Warner Home Video is billing as Scott's "definitive new version" of the film.

I’m guessing this is the version where we find out that Thelma and Louise are both Replicants.