Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mid-Week MP3

Jake Kaufman is the kind of musician we could all learn a thing or two from: he is a multitalented artist who works in a large variety of styles and genres, and he sports an unwavering dedication to his craft. His chosen profession is video game music composer, and his résumé is particularly fascinating to those who, like me, have an affinity for handheld gaming.

Jake, better known as virt, also believes in the age-old concept of something for nothing. He has an amazing variety of tracks for free download from his site. While his self-crunched MIDI works are things of beauty, I found myself particularly drawn to his arrangements of classic gaming soundtracks. This week’s Mid-Week MP3 is a chamber music take on the iconic sounds of one of my favorite 8-bit titles: Castlevania II. Enjoy.

virt – What a Horrible Night