Monday, February 25, 2013

Pining for the Fjords

"I know a dead parrot when I see one!"
How does one, as a blogger/podcaster, tell the world that he's taking a break from blogging/podcasting? I mean without writing a blog post or making a podcast about it?

Such is the dilemma with which I've been wrestling for the past two months. In the meantime I've been doing very little to get the word out regarding where the hell I am and what I'm doing.

Which I reckon is an answer in itself.

In that time I've slept on a number of amazing moments in geeky music, from another Vocalist/Producer Challenge to Frontalot hitting basic cable to a sweet new Dual Core video to Nursehella's second coming to, Christ, probably a cool half-dozen new EPs from Adam WarRock. I've let it all pass by unremarked upon, internet. Because I'm tired—oh so tired!

It wasn't until a friend asked if I had closed up shop here at Hipster, please! that I began to consider my answer to a question that, it turns out, was being asked by more than a few of you. Up until that point I thought that the project was merely resting. Like the Norwegian Blue.

Pithy Python references aside, I'm still not sure what's to become of Hipster, please! and Radio Free Hipster. I only know that I, as the proprietor, have wearied with age and circumstance.

I am currently stretched thin emotionally, financially and, given the toll it's obviously taken on my output, creatively. I'm finding my way into a new life that may or may not include this as a part of it. My gut instinct is to bookend things, to wrap up the podcast—which has really become the focus in recent years—for the sake of closure.

The thing is as much as I consider this site a pet project, a one man show, it's not. There have been, since the earliest days, folks behind the scenes providing art assets and story scoops and moral support and pretty much propping me up at every turn. And just because their names aren't beside the posts doesn't mean they don't have a stake in this too.

The site itself is in dire need of some housekeeping, a redesign and, y'know, regular content, and it's not something I can do myself right now. Whether that means I let things ride while I attempt to get my shit together, write the whole thing off as another faded internet relic or bring in some help to run the store remains to be seen. But whatever the outcome I simply wanted to take a moment to say how very much I've enjoyed the experience, and that I genuinely hope to have the luxury of enjoying it again in the not-too-distant future.