Friday, June 15, 2012

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 134: All Good

You are a good person. You are a winner.

All of you are winners. Even my buddy Captain Dan… though Howard Stern would disagree. But fuck that dude!

You're a kick-ass guy/gal, and you deserve a kick-ass podcast. And this one's just for you.

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Show Notes:

Intro: Baddd Spellah – "Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)"
I try not to be cocky, but I have a pretty damn amazing theme song.

Track 1: John Anealio - "Good"
I'm pulling together a album of 90s covers, and John was nice enough to let me use this cut.

Z's 1st interlude: "Feels like I haven't talked to y'all in a while."
Yeah, it's been a minute, and I've missed you much.

Track 2: MC Lars - "Hey There Ophelia (feat. Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship & Brett Anderson of the Donnas)"
I really dig this song. Not only am I am fan of Hamlet, but I'm a longtime Donnas fanboy.

Track 3: Psycosis - "Don't Get Banished to the Moon" / "Discord Days"
Brony mash-ups deliver on so many levels.

Track 4: Optimus Rhyme - "Who Me"
Man, GrimROCK is positively fierce on this song!

Track 5: Dethlehem - "Circle of Deth"
Much love to my homies from Dethlehem. The second leg of their tour kicks off soon. Try and catch 'em if they're nearby.

Track 6: Zombie Slayer Diox OST - "Shoot 'Em Up!"
I was playing an awful lot of this 3DSWare title. And then? Pokemon Conquest! It's sort of monopolizing my handheld gaming time at present.

Track 7: Richie Branson - "Space Cowboy Serenade"
Richie's supporting mc chris on his summer tour.

Z's 2nd interlude: "You're the best!"
Yeah, at some point this episode became an affirmation. And I just went with it!

Track 8: Adam WarRock - "The Best"
I love that both Euge and Stevie D have used this cheesy-ass hook.

Track 9: Klopfenpop - "Phoenix Jones (instrumental)"
If you don't recognize the source material, act like you know.

Track 10: Childish Gambino - "I Love Clothes (Deadbeat Summer)"
I finally broke down and picked up Camp earlier this week. Maybe I'll play some new(er) Gambino soon.

Track 11: New Girl dialog / DJ CUTMAN - "Comix Zone Rocks! (Comix Zone)"
I'd forgotten how much I loved the music from Comix Zone.

Track 12: New Girl dialog / Kirby Krackle - "Web-Slinger/Hope-Bringer"
KK's annual summer single, this time about a Marvel-based film.

Z's final interlude: "Fuck it; we'll roll with it!"
"We'll do it live!"

Track 13: Mashup-Germany - "Ante Up to the Other Side"
For an impromptu closer, I think this one works pretty well.

I think maybe the looming holiday has made me a tad... paternal. I guess this show is just a manifestation of my urge to parent the internet at large, to let folks know that shit'll turn out okay. It's silly, sure, but sometimes you just have to let people know you're in their corner.

As we head into summer I find myself wondering -- even more so than usual -- what you lot wanna hear. If you're gonna be doing any travelling, any road-trippin' or long distance air travel, and need some good travel music, just give me a jumping-off point and I'll see what I can do.

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend, and happy Father's Day to all my fellow pops in the audience!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nerd News in Brief

There was a time when I did these Nerd News in Brief segments with a nigh clocklike regularity, but alas that age has passed. With my recent shift to writing smaller dedicated posts about things like album releases and new videos – coupled with my adoption of services like Twitter and Tumblr, which lend themselves well to short, frequent blurbs – I've sort of abandoned this format. But looking back over my notes from the last couple of weeks it seems like an apt mechanism for the ensuing news blast.

  • Dogs and Cats Living Together: Last night I was able to control my Microsoft Xbox 360 with my Apple iPhone. I'm just saying that this is some crazy shit
  • Spider, Man: Kirby Krackle recently dropped a new single about a soon-to-be released reboot of a beloved comic movie franchise. You can pick up "Web-Slinger/Hope-Bringer Single" right now for a buck, and you may or may not hear it on tomorrow's podcast. #noncommittal
  • What a Horrible Night: News from the crew at MAGFest revealed that, among the regular grocery list of kick-ass guests and featured acts, Castlevania composer Kinuyo Yamashita will be in attendance at next January's event. You should probably be there too. 
  • I've Been Slimed: Speaking of gamer culture, musical collective Pterodactyl Squad just dropped an amazing new chiptune EP from Slime Girls entitled Vacation Wasteland. With surf rock and reggae-tinged melodies, it's a ready-made summer soundtrack.
  • When It's Time to Pony We Will Pony Hard: Okay, that line is actually from my pal Steve, but it's soul-brony number 1, Church H Tucker, that hipped me to the news that musician, motivational speaker and party aficionado. Andrew W.K. will be speaking at the Canterlot Gardens My Little Pony convention in Cleveland this September. Apparently he is Pinkie Pie
  • From the Ruins: If you dig Dethlehem you likely also dig Diablo 3. But just because you missed the boys on their recent tour stops doesn't mean you're doomed to never hear their epic cover of the Tristram theme. That's what YouTubes are for. 
  • Where's My Flying Car: In one last bit of hot new YouTubery, my country cousins Sci-Fried have just dropped a brand new video single. "Looking Back at Today," from last year's Future Tense, was animated by the one and only Betsy Lee (who'll you'll likely remember from her work with Kirby Krackle.) Enjoy!