Friday, December 08, 2006

Nerdcore For Life trailer

The Nerdcore For Life trailer has finally hit the Web. I’d love to tell you all about, but the piece speaks for itself. So, I’m’a let it talk.


darth-apu said...

i shared ep. 12 with the folks @ work. "hulking she beast" got a huge pop! spreading nerd love one sat at a time. an overall positive reaction from the ics crue. each sat may get a lil' hipsterplease in the afternoon. x's ep may be next or maybe a best of z.
love broham,

churchHatesTucker said...

Since I was born and raised in NE, all I can say is, "Freakin' Sweeet!"

Z. said...

Glad to know that RFH helped y’all pass the workday, D-A. Stay tuned for next week’s holiday extravaganza. It should be moderately painful.

I tend to agree, Church. Dan and crew really did the documentary up right!