Monday, December 11, 2006

Three things that should excite you

It’s Monday. That is, as my people* say, le blah. Ere go, I have elected to bring you the following three items guaranteed to make it all better.

Okay, so maybe not all better, but I’m sure it’ll help.

  1. Beefy’s new album Tube Technology is now available for download. I’ve already shared my thoughts, and now you can listen for yourself and determine whether or not I’m completely full of shit! Doesn’t that sound lovely?
  2. The recently released trailer for Nerdcore For Life (the most important documentary since… since that other one… y’know… the… the important one… about whales and… bombs and stuff) has been boing-boinged. Hopefully this will drive some much needed support toward the pet pr0ject of Dan and company.
  3. And lastly, I feel obligated to tell you this because we’re friends: you’ve really outdone yourself this Christmas. I can see (all surreptitious-like through your PC monitor) into your apartment, and I notice you’ve got a lot of nice shit underneath your tree. So, as your pal, I feel it’s only fair that you pick up a little something for yourself. You don’t have a lot of cash, you say? Well, then why not pick up a copy of Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS for a scant twenty bones? This deal is only good tomorrow (Tuesday, December 12th), but all you need to do to take advantage of it is sign up for the Toys ‘R’ Us mailing list. The printable coupon will be emailed to you tomorrow AM and then you can take advantage of this ridiculous deal. Leave it to the CAG community to find all the wicked-fresh game deals!

You feel better now, right? I thought so.

*The phrase “my people” refers exclusively to white-trash Franco-Americans with little to no understanding of the heritage and language of their ancestors.

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