Friday, June 20, 2008

The Wrath of Anon

Just this morning I received a message from the undisputed king of nerdcore himself, Mr. YTCracker. YT wanted me to know that his G4 commercial spot was now available on YouTube as well.

For those of us who got to check out his personal clips of the video shoot before they were mysteriously removed, it's really kind of cool to see how the final product came together.

It's a glorious blend of frenetic cuts, text overlays, nerd dancin', and, of course, that YTCracker flow. Take a look below, and then hit the link to rate and comment.

STC is the greatest!


Church said...

I'm getting nothing.

Matt said...

whoops, looks like Z jumped the gun a little here. Either that or he's lording over us just how cool and hip he's become with his insider connections.

Either way, the video is set to private. Velvet Rope city.

Anonymous said...

Three words: Longer. Available. No.

Not necessarily in that order.


Z. said...

Looks like the clip really did get removed. YT's says he's getting an embed link from G4. He should be sending it to me directly.

Tyson said...

Can we get a hi-res download like Front provided? I want this on my iPod.

Z. said...

I'm actually waiting on just that, Tyson. I'll hit up YT again and see if I can get you a download link.