Tuesday, June 17, 2008

File under time-wasters

It's my first day back at work since last Wednesday and I miss my kids. I miss my house. I miss my bathrobe and 1Up slippers.

How have I been coping with 8+ hours in my tiny, windowless office? By screwing around.

A link to this Scion Crest Generator came across the GeekDad group last week, and I'd been meaning to play with it. I was sort of an easy sell, as I'm a Scion owner, but some of y'all might dig it too.

This was the first crest I came up with. I'm thinking of using it as the wallpaper for a MoonShell skin I'm working on for my DS.


Anthony said...

after you make a moonshell skin i demand you make me one!

ALSO, the comic with you in it is up now =D


Z. said...

I'm using a really cool EZ Flash Zelda-themed shell right now. I'm also using it as a template on which to build. Speaking of, we need coordinate which DS titles we're gonna bring to Nerdapalooza so we can do some competitive gaming.

And the new comic? Frighteningly accurate! :)

Denika said...

Sweet, Dennis wants to remove the emblem on the back of ours. Now I know what to replace it with.


Z. said...

Quite appropriate, Denika! :)