Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday's Child is Fair of Face

Over on the Twitters there's a little thing called Music Monday, or, more accurately, #musicmonday. (We do so love the hash-tags!)

It's our own regular occurring faux holiday that focuses on sharing music. Suffice it to say that I wholeheartedly approve.

And since my selections for this week are solidly in the nerdy music vein, I figured I'd share the pair here for those who may be Twitter-deficient.

The first, which was teased in the comments of last week's new album post, is from Radio Free Hipster mainstay killsaly. Though ks expends most of his musical energy at present on his full band project Campaign Trail 72, he has just released his final (for the time being) solo effort, a mixtape dubbed Warrior Class.

Covering everything from shoegaze to glitch to chiptunes to VGM to nerdcore, killsaly remixes his way through a veritable cornucopia of dorktastic tropes, all the way tying it together with clever samples and sharp transitions. It includes a track or two that you may have heard before, including his DBZ-tinged mash-up of Frontalot's "Braggadocio," as well as a ton of newer material in its 23 track expanse. For fans of the bootleg remix, it will surely prove to be an hour and 40 minutes well spent.

Also fresh out the proverbial box is the debut from my new homey Jonny Nero Action Hero. Like killsaly, Jonny's no stranger to Radio Free Hipster and you no doubt heard his Cybermen anthem "Cyber Octicks" on my newest comp.

With its six-song length and sharp focus on chiprock, Experimutations is a wholly different affair from Warrior Class, but it's certainly no less enjoyable. It's a name-your-own price EP from Bandcamp, so head over there to sample Jonny's full-fledged musical unveiling, and maybe kick him a little donation if you feel so inclined.

Hopefully, these two releases will keep you entertained until the much-delayed return of RFH later this week.

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killsaly said...

Awesome Z, thanks for the kind words!!!

I still have one killsaly release coming, but it might take a while as all songs are collabs with vocalist/rappers and I havent got a single track back yet...

but then its all CT72, all the time. We are about to start work on our first EP, so that should be a lot of fun.