Thursday, April 22, 2010

Book It!

Apparently it is shameless plug week here at Hipster, please! But then again, when is it not shameless plug week around here?

I plug things. Shamelessly. It is my only skill.

Please humor me whilst I ply my trade.

As those who follow the happenings over at my other primary project, the Wired GeekDad blog, already know, our fearless editor Ken Denmead has recently written a book. This book is slated for release early next month – May 4th, to be exact – but it's already available for something you kids call "pre-order."

Which involves ordering an item. Preemptively.

Essentially, it's a lengthy kid-centered project book with a nerdy slant, so if you have children of your own and are looking for some cool activities to bust out during the summer doldrums it may be advantageous to snag a copy. The current Amazon price is under $12, so it's not like a huge investment or anything.

Give the product page the once-over and peep its recent write-up in Wired proper to see if it's for you.

Oh, and if you're over there pre-ordering stuff anyway, you might also wanna peep this retro "red box" edition of the Dungeons & Dragons Essential Starter Set.

I never tire of helping you spend your money!


Church said...

Ordering an item preemptively sounds like you're trying to prevent something. Someone else from ordering it? Someone else from ordering something else? The mind boggles.

Anonymous said...

Ordering something from Amazon sounds like a thought crime.

Is this product available from someone other than a corporation attempting to steal your personal data and dump it online for everyone to see?

Seriously, give a whirl. If you don't start freaking out, I've got a cookie for you.