Monday, May 28, 2012

The Trickster

A couple of weeks back OG Don Vito hit me up with an unexpected email. It turns out that prior to his unfortunate passing, Josh "MC Gigahertz" Montgomery had been working with Vito on a new release.

In the aftermath of Josh's death, Don Vito combed through his production files and finished the project himself, an act that was both a fitting tribute to a fallen comrade and, I'd imagine, a difficult but cathartic experience. It now stands as what may be the first of several posthumous Gigahertz efforts, The Shapeshifter EP.

Its 6 songs are supplemented by literally dozens of pages of liner notes, the bulk of it email exchanges between the two artists. But if these candid notes are a time capsule of 4 months of fierce creativity in 2010, then the songs themselves are oddly colored by Josh's apparent suicide earlier this year. Even tracks like its standout closer, "Summertime is Over," now seem oddly poignant.

OG Don Vito has made the EP freely available, and anyone interested in exploring the more introspective side of the Clown Prince of Absurdcore is encouraged to give it a listen.

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