Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Highlights (Like the Magazine)

I'm really trying to stop rambling on about Nerdapalooza, as I understand that it's sort of asinine for me to do so. I mean, I wasn't even there!

Still, I think this is just a little too interesting not to pass along. It's an event recap by Corey Clark that my boy MadHatter turned me on to. It features music by Schaffer the Darklord, performance clips from The Grammar Club, The Megas, MCs Frontalot and Lars, and some great interview snippets with the fans, performers and organizers.

Give it a look-see. Then be sure to rate, comment and/or pass it on.


DV said...

So many great videos of this year's event! This stuff is the BEST advertising we could wish for while promoting Nerdapalooza 2010!

Z. said...

Well said, Data. It captures both the crowd and the spirit. :)

Church said...

So, who's Goofus and who's Gallant?

Z. said...

Shael and Beefy. Or possibly Beefy and Shael.