Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vote for a Scrote

I don't ask you guys for much because, let's face it, I'm in no position to be making demands. Still, this is the kind of thing that's quick, easy and free, so I'll put it out there.

My friends the Brilliant Gameologists are up for an ENnie Award for Best Podcast - which they are - so I simply wanted to ask if any of you would be willing to head over to the poll page and cast a vote on their behalf. There are 19 other RPG-related categories that could use your input as well, so be sure to plug your favorite publishers and products to boot.

And, on the off chance that you're not already a subscriber to the BG's podcast, I'd highly recommend you check them out. Whether you're a life-long tabletop gamer, a new convert or somewhere in the middle, I think you'll find the topics relevant, the discourse illuminating and the humor refreshing.

There's also Zeke's singing, which is truly what keeps me coming back.


Church said...

There has been a DISTINCT LACK OF ZEKE SINGING lately i'm just saying /sockington

Z. said...

I hear he's working on an album. Except, y'know, that's a lie.

Meg said...

If we win, we promise a Zeke song in every episode! And we will release our much-talked about musical episode!

Thanks Z for your support!!

Z. said...

Glad to do it, Meg. I mean, when else was I gonna get to use a Wonder Years reference as a post title? ;)

Anonymous said...

will the real Scrote please stand up?