Friday, July 31, 2009

Nerd News in Brief

Say, if you're not doing anything tonight and you find yourself in or around the Brooklyn area, how about heading out to this weekend's Death By Audio show? There you can support my friends Uncle Monsterface and Math the Band as they play the rock and roll music.

There will be puppets, beer and guitars. And honestly, what else do you need?

This all-ages event is $7 at the door and commences at 8:00 in the PM. And I guarantee it'll be awesome! If I had a reputation, I would totally stake it on that fact.

As for now, here's your regularly-scheduled Nerd News in Brief.
  • The Long Con: Church was nice enough to hit me up with a pair of interesting post-Comic-Con wrap-ups. The first, from TV Squad, breaks down what the event was and was not. The second is from, and it discusses the women of Comic-Con. And by "women of Comic-Con," they apparently mean famous actresses who were there to promote shit. Points for trying, People, points for trying.
  • Ran Gives Back: Speaking of Comic-Con, check our Random's post-event review at YouTube. Therein you'll also learn how to win a copy of the ultra limited edition Marvel vs. Capcom 2 mixtape. On vinyl no less!
  • Nerd to the Core: And don't forget to check out this fine selection of Comic-Con weekend performances from our old pal Ant. They'll make you wish you were there all over again.
  • Hard to the Core: Ross from Original Nintendo also sent me a link to this ridiculous speed run of Super Mario Bros. Frustration hack. Watch it with your eyes glazed and your ass puckered.
  • Like a Gay Musketeer: In other YouTubery, here's a rap about LARPing. It features and autotuned wizard.As well it should.
  • Brings All the Boys to the Yard: Oh, and have you seen that vid of Bill Chott and Captain Moerke of The Browncoats making Mudders Milkshakes? It's puke-tastic! Literally. (Blame this one on Church, folks!)
  • Even Nerds Gotta Eat: Earlier this week, @xarquis tweeted about a site called NerdDinner. It's an easy way to arrange regional geek gatherings at your favorite restaurants. Check it out, content in the knowledge that I will totally pimp your attempts at nerd herding.
  • Super-Sized: Congratulations go out to Maja for getting yet another pop for his recent string of McDonald's spots. Word is there's also a G4 appearance on the way, so keep an ear to the ground for that one.
  • Their Powers Combined: And congratulations are also in order for Superpowerless, who recently joined Dr. Awkward, Benjamin Bear and the rest of the Hee-Haw Gang at Scrub Club Records. Hit up Scrub Central for more details, and keep an eye out for future releases from the UK artist through this Midwest powerhouse.
  • AC/D.C.: Back on my side of the country, MAGFest preregistration has opened. Now in its 8th year, the Music And Gaming Festival will unleash another weekend of gaming and rocking next January 1-4. And not only does pre-registering save you some scratch, it also affords you entrance to the event's New Year's Eve party!
  • This is Me. Thunderstruck.: If you're in the market for a true musical oddity, check out Hellsongs. This Swedish trio performs amazingly mellow covers of metal tracks. Thanks to Dave the Knave for the pointer.
  • Faygo, Face Paint and Family: Another unlikely combination is mc chris and Juggalos. Strange but true: mc will be playing the 10th Annual Gathering of Juggalos, along with Ice Cube, Tech N9ne and GWAR, in Cave-in-Rock, IL. Hit the event's site for full details and one hell of an eclectic list of performers!
  • Something to Lick: The Painted Man recently posted a review of MC Lars's This Gigantic Robot Kills, and provides some fine motivation to pick it up if you haven't already. You should also check Lars's newest video podcast for some tomfoolery with our own YTCracker, as well as an introduction to the stringed instruments of antiquity. Oh, and even more post-Comic-Con revelry.
  • Creepy Uncle: Of course, I can't end this week's news without pointing out that there's a new episode of Vagina Deep in Podcast awaiting your perusal. It's got mCRT and ghosts. A winning combination if ever I heard one.
  • All That Jazz: Taking us out is some great game music. It's Kento's ragtime take on "Saria's Song" / "Lost Woods" from Ocarina of Time. Check out the video, then grab the MP3 and, for the musicians in our midst, the sheet music.

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