Friday, July 24, 2009

Nerd News in Brief

Before we get into the meat of this week's nerd news, I have an exciting announcement. It looks as though Radio Free Hipster is a finalist for this year's Parsec Awards in the category of "Best Speculative Fiction Music Podcast!"

I am both pleased and disappointed, as the competition is stiff. I mean, me going up against shows like the FuMP podcast is akin to throwing a drunken box turtle into a dogfight, but it's nice to see my little 'cast's name there next to the big guys.

And speaking of the big guys, my pals the Brilliant Gameologists also made it to the finals for "Best Gaming Podcast;" a category which they have, in my opinion, sewn the fuck up!
  • Songs From the Blue Planet: OverClocked ReMix has just favored us with another epic release. Final Fantasy IV: Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption, the community's 14th project album, presents "Nobuo Uematsu's classic video game soundtrack through a musically re-imagining of the story told in a 3 act format." It is, of course, freely available from OCR.
  • Burgie's World: I just received word from Halifax – by carrier loon, no less – that a new Wordburglar CD drops today for a mere $10 American (plus shipping)! Burgie's Basement is a collection of b-sides, remixes and rarities that features top-shelf guests like More or Les, Jesse Dangerously, Toolshed, Thesis & Ghettosocks, not to mention the WB himself. Interested parties can hit Burg up at for ordering info.
  • A Farewell to Kings: Also on the new release front is a collection of b-sides, singles, and rarities from our old pal MisterB entitled Winks. B also dropped the bomb that this will be his last release using that moniker, as he will now focus on making music as "BType." Be sure to cop this piece of UK nerdcore history.
  • He Wanna Hold 'Em Like They do in Texas, Please: And speaking of B, have you seen/heard the Superpowerless cover of "Poker Face?" It is unbe-fucking-lievable.
  • Say it Ain't So: Personally, I've spent the bulk of the week up to this point listening to Pterodactyl Squad's amazing 8-bit Weezer tribute. I can't imagine the rest of you haven't snagged it yet, but if not proceed directly to its palatial estate.
  • Save Ginny Weasley: What's stranger: that Potter fans have vandalized Chi-town stop signs or the fact that Chicago's finest don't know who Voldemort is? Church says the latter.
  • Low-Hanging Fruit: And on the subject of Pottermania, Conan O'Brien managed to work a Wizard Rock joke into his opening monologue earlier this week. Check around the 3:50 mark.
  • Real American Hero: This week, mc chris is auctioning off a staggering array of G.I. Joe toys for his cystic fibrosis charity. Checkout his video introduction, and then peep the sweet eBay action.
  • Gathering if the Nerds: If you are in the vicinity of Comic-Con this weekend, be aware that everyone is playing there-abouts. You can catch Mega Ran himself Saturday at the San Diego Convention Center, Front, Lars and YT at The Casbah that same night and even mc chris tonight at the Jumping Turtle.
  • Halifax Rap Legend: For those unable to make the trip to Comic-Con, sleep well knowing that Jesse Dangerously will shortly embark on a (brief) US/Canadian tour. Dates and venues can be found at the blog of the delightful Audra.
  • A New Member Joins Your Party: Congratulations to I Fight Dragons on acquiring another amazing member: Packy Lundholm. You can experience his indubitable style via this amazing YouTube clip.
  • Fuck American Idol: Are you a new artist looking to insinuate yourself into a well established clique? Of course you are! And for you, my friend, I suggest checking out Scrub Club's "Versus Mode" competition. The Club needs more Scrubs, and, whether you’re a rocker, a rapper or an electronic noisemaker, you could be among the chosen few. Full details are available at Scrub Central.
  • Sex Times Three: Orlando songsmith Marc with a C was recently featured in an interview at Check it out for a little info on the man behind the glasses and his involvement in Universal CityWalk’s AMC Cinemas' fall showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  • Only a Buck: Arizona natives will be hearing a bit more of MAJA in the coming weeks, as he's been cast for his rapping skills and voiceover talent in a series of McDonald's commercials. No foolin'! Give it a listen.
  • Meow-Meow, Muthafucker!: Closing out this week is a new Dan Lamoureux-directed video for Doctor Popular's "LOLcats." View. Rate. Comment. Enjoy. And remember that the LOL cats will enslaves us awl!!!11!one!!


Shael Riley said...

"Are you a new artist looking to insinuate yourself into a well established clique?"

I lolled.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Z. said...

I'm working toward establishing myself as a copy writer for infomercials, Shael. But I'm starting ground-level. ;)

And thanks, Sara-bot.

Anonymous said...

Breaking news: Superpowerless signs to Scrubclub! Also, my myspace is /britishnerdcore :P

I make all my announcements in your comments thread. My agent is a genius!

Z. said...

Hipster, please! is the new MySpace. ;)

killsaly said...

B you market yourself like no other!!!

Z. said...

He truly is a visionary.