Friday, January 26, 2007

The $100 podcast upgrade

As the more astute among you have certainly noticed, the vocal interludes during my most I love gettin' mail!recent episodes of Radio Free Hipster have been – not to put too fine a point on it – shitty. This is due squarely to the fact that the microphone (and I use the term loosely) that I have come to rely on has seen better days.

Thankfully, I recently finagled a solitary c-note with which to improve my meager circumstance.

Thanks to some creative purchasing through that old standby of cheap-ass audiophiles Musician’s Friend, I was able to get pretty much everything I needed.

Now, I know there are those among you who will take this opportunity to say, “Z., that’s all well and good, but you really should’ve taken this opportunity to get a condenser mic/higher quality mixer/shinier pop filter/other shit that is obviously better than the stuff you settled for, and I should know because I'm way smarter than you.”

To those folks, for whom I hold the utmost of respect tempered with the mildest of fury, I would like to point out that this was my existing “podcasting rig” in its entirety:

The old shit.

This, however, is my new set-up:

The new hotness.

Now I must ask, would any among you say that the latter is not, at the very least, a marginal improvement over the former?

That’s what I thought.

Now, hopefully, I’ll be able to figure out how the hell to use this gear before my next podcast. Y’all wish me luck.


Doc Pop said...

I've suggested the Lelelator to your, right?

TeslaDeathRay said...

well doc pop, i can understand u wanting your comments seen but can we please give some attention to Z and his awesome new equipment? jeez.

Z. said...

All fixed, Doc. And no, I don't think you've mentioned the Levelator before. Thanks for the tip, though. I'm downloading it now.

Anonymous said...

Now you have a better microphone than I do. Plus, I don't have a stand. Very similar mixer though. I do think that I figured out what was causing my unusually high noise level though... my sound card settings.

-Antisocial (somehow blogger is broke)

Z. said...

Yeah, Soc, looks like I’ve got a decent rig now. And thanks to Doc and Brüx, I might just be able to figure out how to use it! :D

I think my stand only set me back about 6 bones. I’m not sure it’s ideal for rhyming, but check out Musician’s Friend. They’ve got a great selection of merch, and their prices are competitive.

es to the dee to the x said...

Good stuff...even if your mic isn't great, you can squeeze out good sound with a quick compression and filter in CEP or Audacity, and no one will know the difference.

darth_apu said...

i like the new set-up. just don't filter out that hickish drawl

Z. said...

Thanks for the advice, Dragon. I’ll keep that in mind.

And, d_a, I’ve actually been trying to find a filter to nullify the accent. Unfortunately, technology can only do so much!