Thursday, January 25, 2007

Three Nerds. Three Mics. Three States.

I am of two minds. On the one hand, I am overjoyed to tell you that Beefy, MC Router, and Doctor Popular have joined forces for a three state tour this March. On the other, I am disheartened to report that each of the states is situated far, far west of my current locality.

But rather than lament the fact that I won’t be able to attend any of the scheduled stops on The Mediocre Tour 2007, I have elected to push back the tears and congratulate nerdcore fans in Washington, Oregon, and California. Truly you are a bunch of lucky fuckers!

The following dates have been confirmed:

Seattle, WA - March 15th
The Columbia City Theater (w. Tanuki and Ultraklystron)

Portland, OR - March 16th
Adventureland (w. Panda Fist and Hott Pink)

Seattle, WA - March 17th
Tommy’s Nightclub (w. The Goondocks and Optimus Rhyme)

And information concerning additional shows in Chico, Berkley, San Francisco, and LA is forthcoming.

This is an historic event, and I, truthfully, couldn’t be happier for the parties involved… unless, of course, they were doing an East coast tour. ;)


ChurchHatesTucker said...

Whew! Seattle, Portland, back to Seattle? That's quite a schedule.

matt s said...


You know I've acctually toyed with the idea of just sucking it up and flying out somewhere to see a Nerdcore show. This would have been a perfect chance to put this plan into motion. Except for the fact that my neice/god daughter is going to be in the Baltimore City St. Patrick's Day parade. Which means that this is the one weekend where I can't do something like that.

Why must the world tease me so?

Seriously, congrats to those involved. And is this part of Beefy's plan to get Router to move to the Bay Area with him and Doc Pop?

Z. said...

You simply can’t keep the nerds out of Seattle, Church. It’s like a big-ass geek magnet.

And personally, Matt, I think it’s part of Router’s plan to get Doc really drunk and take advantage of him. She’s a dedicated gal, so putting together an entire tour just to mask her dastardly designs would be right up her ally. ;)

Beefy said...

The seattle->portland->seattle thing is just so we can perform with Optimus and The Goondocks in the U-district on st. patty's day. I'm hoping it'll be our biggest show.

Z. said...

I imagine it will be, Beefy. That's an amazing bill!

Doc Pop said...

Thanks for posting that, Z.
Anyone reading this is encouraged to Digg us...
Thanks for the props.

Z. said...

Y'all heard the Doc: get to DIGGing!