Thursday, January 25, 2007

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 15: WRFH

After I wrapped up my interview with Baddd Spellah last year, I mentioned to him that I was considering putting together a podcast. I made some veiled reference to him possibly making a theme song for the (at that time) proposed project, and he happily told me to fire him an email when the time came. A few months later I approached his golden throne, prostrate, beseeching the great beatsmith of the north to favor me with some semblance of an intro track. This episode begins with the fruits of his labor, and I couldn’t be happier.
Not only did Baddd Spellah bring that hot, sweet flavor for which he is renowned, but he even asked my buddy Beefy to provide some vocals. On top of that, he even incorporated that radio static motif of which I am so fond. I know it’s silly to be proud of something I didn’t create, but that’s how I feel: proud. Not a lot of cats can say that one of their favorite producers and one of their favorite MCs made a song just for them. I only hope my meager podcast can live up to the expectations that are inherent in such a phenomenal theme. I hope I prove myself worthy of the air of legitimacy that such a track surely entails.
In the end, I can only think of one way to express my elation at receiving such a gift, and it’s six simple words:
“I got a theme song, bitches!”

Download Radio Free Hipster Ep. 15: WRFH [mirror provided by Antisocial] Size: 40.3 MB Running Time 44:06
Show Notes:
Intro: Baddd Spellah (feat. Beefy) – “Radio Free Hipster Theme”
I am truly not worthy of its utter awesomeness.
Track 1: Dsico – “Smells Like Teen Spirit”
To my recollection, this is the first electro track I’ve ever played on RFH. It shouldn’t be the last.
Z’s 1st interlude: “A little caught up in the moment.”
For the record: you are not bitches. You’re actually fine, well-mannered ladies and gentleman.
Track 2: Dr. Johnny Fever / Spamtec - “Tha Clique
Do yourself a favor and download both Spamtec albums. Because, as we all know by now, STC is the greatest!
Track 3: Jennifer Marlowe / Totally Radd! - “Vomit Missile”
Another excellent track from their album Shark Attack Day Camp.
Track 4: My Parents Favorite Music - “Sticks & Stones
As I mentioned, I was lucky enough to interview these guys as well. Can't say enough nice things about 'em.
Track 5: The Fine Print - “1995 Penny”
Tycho has a nice, warm voice. Here’s hoping he performs at this year’s PAX!
Track 6: Venus Flytrap / IRN MNKY - “Johnny Cash Rules Everything Around Me
Who doesn’t love Wu-Tang? Who doesn’t love Johnny Cash? For that matter, who doesn’t love IRN MNKY?
Z’s 2nd interlude: “It oozes”
To reiterate: much love to Brux for that wicked BGM. You's a bro, bro! :D
Track 7: Dr. Johnny Fever / Emergency Pizza Party – “Glutton
When last I checked, every man and woman above the age of 17 in the central and southern regions of the great state of Florida were either a full-fledged member of or frequent collaborator with EPP. True story.
Track 8: The Onion Radio News – “Eat Feast”
I don’t know about you, but, personally, Doyle Redland is the only newsman I trust. And, while I understand that this track differs a good bit from the others featured in this ep., it made the perfect bridge between EPP and Shael.
Track 9: Scum of the Earth / Shael Riley – “Music Ruined Video Games
Shael Riley and hoodlum rockers Scum of the Earth just seemed to compliment each other nicely.
Track 10: Metamystiks Inc. (featuring Bits of Brainthirst) - “Jack Was Right
Every time I hear a new Metamystiks song I think, That was amazing! They couldn’t possibly make a better track than that. And then they drop their next track and prove me wrong.
Z’s final interlude: “Keep your browser peeled for more on that.”
When Doc Popular asks if you’d like to work on a podcast project with him, you don’t think about it. You just say yes and then ask for specifics later.
Track 11: Optimus Rhyme - “My Peroshky”
This track is also available on Optimus’s new album School the Indie Rocker. Buy it.

I dole out a lot of props during this particular episode, and, reflecting back on them, I can honestly say that I truly believe that each one of said props was warranted. What can I say? I genuinely appreciate hard work and good music. It seems like every day I have someone try and convince me that there’s nothing good being made within the sphere of contemporary music, and every day I have to call bullshit. The problem, of course, isn’t a lack of excellent music, but a lack of personal motivation to get out there and find it. Trust me; it ain’t that hard.


Candace said...

Oh my god, he's got a theme song bitches! I am currently listening to your podcast and surprisingly-enjoying it. So talented, my employer.

Brüx said...

Well done!

Is there some sort of medal one gets when one gets their own theme song? surely there's some sort of ceremony. If only at the local rotary club chapter's gym.

My life is enriched by RFH! I feel as though i'm made of refined gold.

More music to come, hoss. More to come.


S to the D to the X said...

Brux, nice job on the Nirvana cover. I agree with Z, you really put your mark on it.

Great music all around. I particularly liked that pop-punk/ska track, and as usual nice effort from YT and his crew. Of course I thought I had heard it all, and here's Raekwon throwing darts in between Johnny Cash hooks...But it works really well. The Optimus track is really tight too.

Congrats on the theme song, Z. Spellah and Beefy did a great job. 1

Antisocial said...

It may interest readers of the podcast that MC Router has a show this weekend - Saturday 1/27. Details are on her MySpace. You know I'll be there.

Also, it's nice not to have to put a mirror up myself. If I get time, I'll try to set Beefy up with one as well.

I'll try to listen to the 'cast at work tonight. We'll see how it goes, sometimes it can take me several days to finally manage a listen.

Z. said...

I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast, Candace, now get back to work! ;)

Oh, Brüx, you ARE made of gold! :D

Yeah, SDX, I was actually thinking about you and Myf specifically when I included that Wu-Tang mash.

Thanks so much for providing the storage for my mirror, Soc. You’re a good man, Charlie Brown.

Brüx said...

word up S to the D to the X,

I can't take credit for the Nirvana cover. That wasn't me. that was Dsico. I just made the background music that tha Big Z talks over. but I did enjoy the cover as well.

Y'know? Johnny Cash DOES rule everything around me. Cream. Get the money. dolla. dolla. bill. y'all.

ChurchHatesTucker said...

How did I end up in the mirror universe? I can't D/L from AntiSoc's mirror, but the WFC link works fine. Oh well, it's nice to see that RFH rocks in all realities. I'm digging dsico especially.

Antisocial said...

I'll have to figure out what is causing the issues. Looks like the file is all there, but there may be another issue that is causing downloads not to work from z's account.

I finally got around to listening.

1) Dsico - never heard of him/them. Great stuff. Reminds me of The Moog Cookbook. I did a similar track of Linkin Park here -> mp3 download.

2) MPFM - isn't that a The Slayers theme song sample. Probably Slayers Next, but I forget.

3) Johnny Cash - nice track. Really well put together. I'll have to check out more IrnMNKY or whatever it was.

Anonymous said...

So, um, are you actually going to put up a proper podcast feed, or just this damned combo feed which iTunes shits itself at?

Z. said...

Fun track, Soc. Sorry if my podcast broke your server. :(

And, anonymous stranger, I honestly hadn’t given much thought to a dedicated feed for the podcast, though, if it’s warranted, I’ll see what I can do. Of course, I do take a certain dark delight in knowing that the current setup fucks up iTunes. ;)

Antisocial said...

Ok I fixed it. If you'd have READ THE INSTRUCTIONS IN THE EMAIL I SENT YOU we wouldn't be having this problem. ;) I added a folder in your home directory and called it public_html, so put all your files or whatnot in there.

Z. said...

Oh shit, Soc! I am so sorry. I completed neglected to set up that public_html subfolder. :(

Antisocial said...


Antisocial said...

Nah, I'm just playin'

Z. said...

Me bad? :(