Sunday, January 28, 2007

A bona-fide Router sighting

My man Antisocial didn’t let his lack of appropriate undergarments preclude his attendance of last night’s Panty Drop Sock Hop. Likewise, he didn’t let the fact that he only had his cell phone camera prevent him from documenting some Router-licious onstage action. Hell, he even got the chance to hang out with Router post-performance. Not a bad way to spend a weekend!

In Soc’s on words, “It was a great show, and Kristen is a blast to hang out with.” I hope all the other attendees had an equally enjoyable time.


Antisocial said...

It's like I keep tellin' ya (I think). The trailing slash kills myspace. Just go ahead and try the link.

Z. said...

I don’t think you’ve told me that one, Soc, or maybe you did and I just ignored you. ;) At any rate, dually noted. Thanks, bro!