Monday, January 29, 2007

Nerd News in Brief

Is a fresh helping of Monday morning Nerd News in Brief becoming a Hipster, please! institution? We shall see.

  • Holy shit!: Even though we knew it was coming, the MSN/Newsweek article on nerdcore is still… What’s the word? Unearthly. Truthfully, it gives a fairly competent overview of the scene (aside from the obviously weird “honkies who rap” angle), and I think that’s probably the most surprising element. Be sure to check out the “Newsweek on Air” podcast segment to truly embrace the surreality. Baddd Spellah summed it up succinctly enough as "Crazy."
  • Holy shit again!: The book critic from TIME magazine, Lev Grossman, has also weighed in with his two cents on the subject at his professional blog. Best quote? “I have no idea how many people actually listen to nerdcore, or whether it'll ever become a commercially viable genre, and I don't really care. It's just dope.” Dope, Lev? Dope?!
  • My new best friend: Though I’ve another robot-themed post forthcoming, I simply can’t resist the urge to include this. It's the bestest robot ever, though how it is both “sword-wielding” and “friendly” seems counterintuitive.
  • Dynamic Duo: Lastly, MC Router was nice enough to enough to favor me with some photos from a recent 1GB interview. I find it comforting to know that, should we ever lose Karl in a freak fly-fishing accident, we have a spare in T-byte.

Christmas is cancelled!


matt s said...

I'll put my vote in favor of regular Nerd News In Brief segment.

Z. said...

Thanks, Matt. It looks like it’s heading that way.

Matt S said...

OK, now that I've seen the picture (damn filters at work). The only thing I can think of when I see that picture of T-byte is the 'hella line "you look like Harry Potter"

Sorry, but it had to be said. :)

Z. said...

There seems to be a startling number of people in the scene who are either A) bald or B) look like Harry Potter/Napoleon Dynamite. I’m just sayin’.