Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Have we got contact?

I am medically incapable of giving a shit about The Grammys. I’m serious; doctors are baffled, but it’s true.

Recent rumblings about a Police reunion, however, may be just what it takes to get me to tune in, however briefly. I’ve built up a thick skin of late concerning classic band reunions. Generally bands break up for a reason. Either the creative juices have stopped flowing or the internal tension has grown far too strong. Mostly it’s a bit from column A and a bit from column B.

I think The Police did it the right way: they just sort of stopped playing together. It was like that girl you dated freshman year. You never actually broke up with her; y’all just stopped talking and started sleeping with other people.

So what’s it gonna sound like now that Sting, Andy, and Stewart are back in bed together? Who knows! But if it’s less-than terrible and they decide to tour, I am honor bound to attend.

And for those of you already antsy to point out that this isn’t nerd music news, I’d like to remind you that Sting was a secondary school English teacher. Also, his real name is Gordon Sumner (not to be confused with Gordon Shumway), and you can’t get more geeky than that!


Brüx said...

More Nerd Cred:

Sting was in David Lynch's Dune.

Andy Summers made a record with Robert Fripp - you have to be a card-carrying nerd to just LOOK at robert fripp.

Stewart Copeland wrote an opera.

I rest my case.

Z. said...

Robert Fripp looks like an angry Muppet. I'm just sayin'.

dragon of superness said...

That's great news about the Police, and even better if they really are opening...cause I'll do the same thing as you -- tune in for them, then turn the Grammys OFF.

Z. said...

SDX, the more I hear from you the more I realize that you have impeccable taste in music!