Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 9: It Was a Dork and Stormy Night

Modern life can be scary. Even perfectly natural things (like parenting) can send one spiraling into a pit of ultimate darkness. My beloved son, for example, has recently been relegated to the role of plague-bringer in our household. It seems like he introduces some new pathogen to our family nigh every week. Yes, daycare has turned him into our own little Outbreak monkey.
What I’m getting at here is that I am perpetually catching or recovering from some horrible disease. This week is no different. You may notice that, during my interludes in this particular podcast, I sound a bit phlegmy, a bit congested, a bit “snuffled up.” Of course, it’s much more likely that you’ll simply think I sound even more rural than usual. For this I apologize.
Musically, this episode is similar to the previous installment. This should come as no surprise. I had a lot of fun putting together song lists for both parts of this year’s Halloween Crap-tacular, and I can honestly say that I am giving serious thought to other seasonally-themed episodes. Of course, I’m not sure how well other holiday music will fit into the whole “nerd appeal” aesthetic of my podcast. Is Arbor Day nerdy? What about Flag Day?
Intro: The Damned – “Smash it Up (Parts 1 and 2)”
I think that punk rock is easily relatable to nerd music, and I’m not just talking Elvis Costello. Both speak to and for the marginalized masses. Goth, on the other, is just plain nerdy. I’m serious, people. Goths are just nerds with black nail polish.

Z’s 1st Interlude: “I doubt it’ll take.”
I go out of my way to pull in not only music that is blatantly nerdy, but also stuff that is more furtively so. I think a lot of the songs featured in this episode qualify as the latter.
Track 1: Sesame Street dialogue / virt – “What a Horrible Night” / DJ Chrono “Simon’s Symphony
What better way to start a subset of orchestral ReMixes than with a clip from “Monsterpiece Theatre?”
Track 2: Lost Boys dialogue / Shelley Stuart and the Five Stars – “Vampire Husband
In the 1950’s and 60’s, you could pay a nominal fee to have your poem set to music by “professional” musicians. This is a surviving relic of our nerdy, creepy past.
Track 3: Dracula dialogue / Pilchard – “Belalugarage is Dead” / more Dracula dialogue
I’ve been looking for a mash-up of “Bela Lugosi is Dead” by Bauhaus for ages. Little did I realize I already had one, compliments of Son of Monster Mash-up.
Track 4: Shael Riley – “Technomancy
I failed to remind you that Shael will be opening for MC Frontalot and Optimus Rhyme this Saturday at Crash Mansion. Shame on me!
Z’s 2nd Interlude: “Naked, septuagenarian Satanists”
I understand that Rosemary’s Baby is supposed to be scary, but naked, devil-worshipping retirees are just so non-threatening. And wrinkly.
Track 5: MCeeP – “Somebody’s Watching Me” / X-files Theme
I sometimes feel I don’t do enough to promote newer nerdcore acts on my podcast. MCeeP managed to take a notably crappy song by Berry Gordy’s kid and make it fun. Major props to him for that.
Track 6: Ghostbusters dialogue / Don loves you – “Don't cross tehstreams!!11
Ray Parker Jr. vs. Skee-lo. Thanks again, Son of Monster Mash-up!
Track 7: Fanatical – “Mad Science” / Oingo Boingo – “Weird Science” / Goofy science film strip
Fanatical is another excellent nerdcore up-and-comer. I would like to formally apologize to her for what I did to her song with this mix. Sorry, Fanatical. :(
Track 8: essexboy – “Freaky Teethbusters
I hope this wasn’t Ghostbusters mash-up overkill.
Track 9: Nightmare on Elm Street dialogue / DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince – “Nightmare on My Street”
Listen closely as a Will Smith exposes us to those paltry acting chops that have had us all disinterested in everything he’s done that wasn’t “Six Degrees of Separation.” On a side not, why does Will’s alarm clock go off at three in the morning? It’s a mystery!
Z’s Final Interlude: “Except for MCDJ.”
MCDJ was nice enough to remind me about the Bride of Monster Mash-up compilation. We both downloaded it and talked a bit about our favorite tracks. He did not approve of “Highway Reaper.”
Track 10: Divide & Kreate – “Highway Reaper
Marit Bergman is the Swedish songstress covering “Highway to Hell.” Just in case you were wondering.
Bonus: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Once More, with Feeling OST – “What You Feel Reprise”
I was a big fan of Buffy. Even the weird episodes where folks spontaneously burst into song or didn’t speak at all.

That’s it for the Halloween Crap-tacular. I hope you had at least half as much fun listening to it as I did putting it together. A quarter of the fun? Fuck it! I hope that listening to this podcast did not cause you physical pain and bowel incontinence. Sometimes it pays to aim low. Feel free to share your thoughts, song suggestions, and costume ideas. Have a safe, enjoyable, and liquor-soaked Halloween, everybody!


Antisocial said...

Had a listen to most of the podcast on my way to work. I got a kick out of the Fanatical mashup.

Z. said...

Glad you dug it, Soc. I’m a little worried that Fanatical is gonna drive up from the Keys and kick my ass for doing that to her song though!