Friday, October 13, 2006

The bald and the beautiful

While western New York is buried under a metric shit-ton of October snow, Manhattan is hot and getting hotter as we approach next weekend’s MC Frontalot/Optimus Rhyme show at Crash Mansion. And it’s a good thing too, as Front, OR’s Wheelie Cyberman, and show opener Shael Riley are each undeniably bald. Coincidence? I think not! I hypothesize that the sheer levels of their respective rockitude inhibit the growth of hair. That or they’re in some sort of cult. Either way, it is a show not to be missed.

Unless of course, you live in a remote, god-forsaken locale like myself. Down here we have more pressing problems than freakish snowfall and the soul-shaking crush of follicly-challenged MCs.

Goddamn ninjas!

Get your geek on!


TJ said...

uh, who are the people next to shael? or front? I cant tell. But anyway, who are they?

Its funny, everyone in that picture looks like they could my ass. Maybe its my fault. Im gonna go reflect on my panzy-assness.

Z. said...

Those are Shael’s co-conspirators, Hella-tite MC Fukkaslut and The Sick-nasty Awesome. The cats flying around Frontalot are Powerthighs, Wheelie Cyberman, and Stumblebee of Optimus Rhyme fame.

TJ said...

MC Fukkaslut? Wow, I have a new hero, sorry Z.

Z. said...

How can I compete with a name like that? ;)