Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 8: Feed My Frankenberry

You could call it a departure, but I prefer to think of it as a complementary interpretation. The songs in this ep. may not have quite the sweeping indie cred as those in most of my previous offerings, but they still manage to be both nerdy and thematically relevant.
When I think of Halloweens past, my thoughts invariably turn to movies and television. Seasonal programming had become synonymous with parties and trick-or-treating and the other forms of Halloween-centered merriment that I participate in (on one level or another) each and every year. So much so that it’s not just the season that I look forward to, but all of the other cheesy trappings – Twilight Zone marathons, poorly paced monster movie countdown shows, late-night radio novelty songs, that episode of Benson where Mr. G. Reaper comes to Capitol City – I love all that silly shit.
A compelling case can be made by those who believe that Halloween is for the young. Likewise, and equally convincing argument can be espoused by those who believe that the modern celebration is more geared toward adults. I prefer to mark its appeal to the childish whimsy within us all. That piece that is simultaneously enamored with and repulsed by the thought of interacting with strangers, and, indeed, strangeness itself.
Maybe it’s due to the fact that I live in a rural south, a place where anything secular or blatantly non-Christian is immediately vilified, that makes me love this holiday so much. Maybe I’m simply reacting to the oppressive cultural forces around me. Rationalization aside, the simple truth of the matter is as follows: every year around this time I make an earnest effort to get in touch with my inner child, and time after time I am reminded that he is a creepy little bastard.
Radio Free Hipster Ep. 8: Feed My Frankenberry Show Notes
Intro: Shaun of the Dead OST – “The Blue Wraith”
Though a lot of this show centers on nostalgia, there is always another delightful piece of monster movie goodness being cooked up somewhere. Shaun of the Dead is proof.
Z’s 1st interlude: “Most of it is hungry”
My wife insists that we are the only family in the neighborhood that has a fully developed zombie contingency plan. We'll see who's laughing when the hungry dead burst from their graves, Mr. Marten!
Big up to Ben for including that “master of unlocking” clip in this remix.
Track 2: ABG – “Ada’s Groove
This track is so much smoother than I expected. It’s funny how beautiful a song can be once you remove the element of flesh-eating ghouls.
Track 3: Emerald Rain Productions – “Flee! (A Brief History Of Zombieism In Western Thought)
This song was taken from the Young Zombies in Love Soundtrack, a musical written by Damian Hess (AKA MC Frontalot) with music by Gaby Alter (AKA: Gminor7).
Track 4: Vincent Price – “Thriller Intro”/virt – “Thriller”/Chef “Make Love (Even When I’m Dead”)
That South Park clip begged to be included. It literally begged.
Track 5: King.of.Pants – “Frankenbooted
Son of Monster Mash-up has a lot to offer, not the least of which being Alice Copper vs. Oingo Boingo vs. Peaches.
Z’s 2nd interlude: “Ambient Theremin”
I think this sample is from Transformers: The Movie.
Track 6: “Disney’s Haunted Mansion Theme”/DJ BCHaunted House of Mash-up”/Warren Zevon “Werewolves of London”
I don’t consider the Halloween season complete until I’ve heard “Werewolves of London.” Therefore, this track was included as a favor to us all.
Track 7: Ghostbusters dialogue /“Scooby Doo (Techno Remix)”
I have no idea who remixed tha Scooby Doo, theme, but I tip my hat to him or her.
Track 8: Beetlejuice dialogue/Rocky Horror Picture Show OST “Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul”
I don't blame Frank N. Furter. I've often wanted to shank Meatloaf myself.
Track 9: “Grim Grinning Ghosts”/“Night Gallery Theme”
On a lot of levels I think Night Gallery is a better show than The Twilight Zone. Let the flaming commence.
Track 10: “Munsters Theme”
Likewise, I prefer Lily Munster to Morticia Addams. Your thoughts?
Track 11: Monster Magnet – “19 Witches”
Monster Magnet frontman Dave Wyndorf recently suffered a drug overdose. When you consider lingering rumors that the band were compensated for their first album in pot and meth it’s really no surprise. Still, I wish Dave a speedy recovery.
Z’s final interlude – “Being a party to my madness”
You just can’t trust a C.H.U.D.
Track 12: Metamystiks Inc. – “Horror Stories
I was lucky enough to get a leaked copy of this track a few weeks before Rhyme Torrents 5 dropped. Even the demo version was amazing. While I certainly want Snyder, myf, and SDX to continue doing their individual solo stuff, I’d love to hear more Metamystiks.

And so concludes part one of my Halloween Crap-Tacular. Thanks so much for playing along. Part two should be done by mid-October and should include some dorky goth rock, a few more seasonal mash-ups, and some wonderful new nerdcore cuts. I hope you’ll check it out.


red cat said...

+15 for the warren zevon.

now where's the type o negative? ^_^

Z. said...

While I truthfully never gave it much thought, Type O is actually pretty damned nerdy!

Thanks for listening, Ben. :)

darth_apu said...

thanks for the shout bro. this may be my fav-o-rite ep. so far. looking forward to hipsterween pt 2. any Ween for hipsterween? some think it's frightening.


Z. said...

No Ween, I’m afraid, but I do agree that they're a bit scary. ;) Where as ep. 8 focused a lot on tv/movies/musicals and zombies, ep. 9 will have a much more vampire/nerdy goth rock/mash-up focus. I’m also working on a Ghostbusters mini-set to include.

Thanks for the support, DA!