Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nerd news in brief

So, anyway, I took another long weekend.

Don’t you judge me. Don’t you dare judge me!

*Ahem* Now I’m back in the saddle again. And from this saddle I bring you nerd news in brief. It’s just like the regular news, only nerdier and slightly abridged.

  • The always photogenic MC Frontalot was recently featured on Channel 4 on a program tellingly entitled Whatever. Will Front become the UK’s Hasselhoff? A boy can dream.
  • Rapper/producer/ReMixer/all-around cool fellow myf has been added to the bill for the Frontalot/Optimus Rhyme show in our nation’s capital. Finally, a reason to head to DC that isn’t crack-related!
  • October is Hispanic Heritage Month. I’ll not make the obvious connection between the ironic proximity of this particular cultural celebration to Halloween and the throngs of Redneck-Americans horrified by the influx of Spanish-speaking immigrants, but I will urge to you to commemorate the event by sending an e-hug to nerdcore’s favorite Whitesican. Personally, I plan to celebrate by not reporting my mother-in-law to the INS.
  • Key West’s MC Fanatical has recently made her long-awaited nerdcore debut with a double-shot of geeky goodness. Check out her MySpace for original track “Mad Science” and Beefy cover “I Don’t Wanna Be Right” and be reminded of why you have ears in the first place.
  • For anyone lamenting the lack of recent editions of my Radio Free Hipster podcast, weep no more! The first episode of my two-part Halloween Crap-tacular should be available this weekend. What? You… you weren’t weeping?
  • Lastly, how could I do an edition of nerd news in brief without at least mentioning Screech’s sex tape? What has the world come to?

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