Saturday, October 21, 2006

Weekend update

There aren’t many things that will get me blogging on the weekend. Generally speaking, I have a lot of cereal to ingest, a lot of Noggin to watch with my boy, and a lot of housework to half-ass my way through while the wife’s at work. A man has to have his principles. But some things will make me break this particular taboo.

Today I will cover two such items. Afterwards I will resume my regularly scheduled sloth:

The Beefy/Snyder track that I mentioned in my previous post has made its way to Song Fight!, and I humbly suggest that you all vote for it in this round. As a rule, nerdcore generally triumphs in confrontations such as this, but don’t simply trust the outcome to the fates. For many of you this is, perhaps, the only vote that you’ll have the opportunity to cast that actually counts for something. Don’t squander.

Let me preface this next item by saying that I’ve never been one to root for the home team. I seldom let geographic proximity influence which pony I pick. Both Beefy and DJ Snyder, for example, live a fuck-zillion miles away in the hinterlands of Ye Olde West Coast, but I give them mad love because they deserve it.

Still, since the Carolinas have no nerdcore of which to speak; I do have a vested interest in my brothers and sisters from the state of Florida. In addition to being very talented they are also completely fucking insane, as demonstrated through the following clip. Observe as MC Wreckshin and Fanatical shoot an impromptu video for a cover of Mindless Self Indulgence’s “Faggot” in a local Wal-Mart. Pay close attention to their balls, which are apparently huge and made of cast-iron. (Oh, and Fanatical’s are figurative, not hidden beneath her Rainbow Brite dress.)

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