Tuesday, December 02, 2008

We Hardly Knew Ye

For those who may have missed the news thus far, Scrub Club’s Midwest Nerdfest event has been officially cancelled. Like all things, particularly in these trying (read: shitty) economic times, it was simply a matter of funding. The story goes a bit deeper than that, specifically concerning some mounting medical bills for MadHatter’s young daughter. The full skinny of which can be peeped at his announcement thread at Rhyme Torrents.

Pulling together even a small local show is a huge undertaking, and, as anyone who attended this summer’s Nerdapalooza can attest, it requires not just a high level of dedication, but a sizable stroke of good fortune to pull off a big event. That being said, things of this nature fall through at the very whim of the fates, but that doesn’t make the loss of another potential game-changer like Midwest Nerdfest suck any less.

Still, to my mind, the important things to remember are: A) Hatter and his family are fine, B) those who had pre-booked rooms should be able to get their reservations cancelled fairly easily, and C) I wouldn’t be surprised if MWNF wholly arose from the cornfields of the Heartland in the foreseeable future.

MadHatter and the Scrub Club crew are good people, and I’m sure this particular setback will prove to be just that. They have other plans in the works that are unaffected by this – like the KABUTO mixtape – that will surely remind us that, while plans sometimes change, excellence stays the same.

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