Saturday, November 29, 2008

Radio Free Hipster Ep. 56: Hufflepuff-Puff-Pass

If you're not a fan of Wizard Rock, chances are you ain't gonna be feelin' this episode. Of course, if you don't dig WRock, chances are you haven't hung around this long to begin with.

My co-host for this all-WRock endeavor was none other than Lizz of The Wizrocklopedia, and it was an honor and a privilege to have her aboard. I seldom entertain guests at my humble virtual abode, and she more than delivered on her end of the hosting duties.

And yes, for those of you wondering, I did crib this edition's title from Tycho Brahe.

Download Radio Free Hipster Ep. 56: Hufflepuff-Puff-Pass [hosting provided by Antisocial] Size: 65 MB Running Time: 1:11:00

Show Notes:

Intro: Baddd Spellah – "Radio Free Hipster Theme (feat. Beefy)"
Baddd Spellah is magical!

Track 1: Snidget – "Hedwig’s Theme"
Snidge is the rare example of a WRock artist who actually knows who the hell I am. For that, she is an enduring favorite. Of course, her talent doesn't hurt either.

1st interlude: "A lot of ground to cover."
This edition of the podcast features an elaborate track list that Lizz helped to put together. She picked a ton of great songs, and I hope they can expose you to some WRockers that were previously unknown to you.

Track 2: The Parselmouths – "Illegal Love Potion"
The Parselmouths employ what we call in the business "feminine wiles." Look it up.

Track 3: Peeved – "Pretty Girl"
Peeved is an interesting case, as every track he has ever released is simultaneously my favorite Peeved song.

Track 4: RiddleTM – "Hey Mr. Olivander"
Wands for sale. Cheap.

Track 5: Gred and Forge – "The Making of a Puking Pastille"
"Spell. Eat. Puke. Repeat."

2nd interlude: "Where all my Ravenclaws at?"
Feel free to shout this at your next Wizard Rock show. It's totally gonna be a thing.

Track 6: Draco and the Malfoys – "Voldemort is Awesome"
I like the Malfoys' music. I also like that they are old like me.

Track 7: Catchlove – "Wake Up Harry"
As Matt and I drunkenly discussed: note the lack of a definite article.

Track 8: The Whomping Willows – "Ginny is a Punk Rocker"
The world needs more Ramones filk covers.

Track 9: The Remus Lupins – "Hey Whompy"
Which further explores the forbidden love between a tree and a lycanthrope.

Track 10: Dobbie and the House Elves – "The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black"
This track is almost criminally good. Seriously. I thought of pressing charges.

Track 11: Snape dialog / Harry and the Potters – "Felix Felicis (Dumbledore's DS Mix by Paradise Dan of Monsterface Industries)"
Longest. Title. Ever.

3rd interlude: "Rapid-fire Q&A"
Lizz was a trooper. 500 dumb-ass questions from me, and yet she soldiered on.

Track 12: The Sectumsempras – "The Offer"
Whenever I talk to Lizz, I am reminded of how much great music I manage to miss.

Track 13: The Basilisk in Your Pasta – "Bad Guy"
There is currently a basilisk in my bathtub. Film at 11:00.

Track 14: The Mudbloods – "Eulogy for an Acromantula"
Apparently, they are Lizz's favorite WRock outfit. That alone speaks volumes.

Track 15: Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons – "Break This Spell"
Simply haunting.

Final interlude: "Wizard Rock Thanksgiving."
See the 'Pedia for full details.

Track 16: The Brothers Black – "Hogwarts is Home"
I'd go so far as to call this a fitting end. And a nice place to pick up for next episode's holiday theme.

Now that I have both dedicated WRock and nerdcore shows under my belt, I am primed for a full-on chiptune/VGM ep. Anthony, please stand at the ready. You will surely be called upon.

But that will have to wait until 2009, as my final two episodes of this year will be the aforementioned holiday edition and my annual crazy-assed year-end wrap-up. (This year with extra hyphens!)


Grace said...

"Peeved is an interesting case, as every track he has ever released is simultaneously my favorite Peeved song."

AGREED. Peeved = eternally amusing & awesome.

Now off to actually download and listen to the thing, lol.

Church said...

If you haven't heard the Sectumsempras it's not because I haven't recommended them!

Anyway, good 'cast, and great to hear Lizz confirm my pick for favorite Wrock band.

Z. said...

So what did you think, Grace?

I know, Church, I know. I have no one to blame but myself.

Sponng said...

This is an Excellent episode!

Z. said...

Thanks, Sponng, but the excellence was all Lizz. I am mediocre at best. ;)

Grace said...

Good episode! That Brothers Black track was excellent, I should hunt down more of them.

And the Gred and Forge track had me laughing my ass off. Nice.

Thanks for the inclusion!

Z. said...

Twas a pleasure, m'lady. :)

Anthony said...

Z. I will gladly lend my full breadth of blippy knowledge to you, but believe you have learned much and look forward to the ones you choose to go with as well for your chiptune vgm show.

Z. said...

Thanks, Ant. I've been looking for an excuse to have you on anyway. :)