Friday, November 28, 2008

Nerd News in Brief

It's hard to concentrate on this week's NNIB with the Interwebs positively abuzz over the newly released Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. You know: the game for which our friends at OverClocked ReMix created an exclusive fan-made soundtrack.

It features everyone from djpretzel to The Grammar Club, and it's pretty goddamn exciting. Even for folks like me who don't play an exorbitant amount of Street Fighter.

Even if you don't wanna spring for the game – which you kinda should – the soundtrack itself is available for free from OCRemix. Snag it now, and continue your Black Friday festivities as planned.

  • You Better Watch Out: Santa Nerdy Claus is coming to town. What he'll do when he gets here is anyone's guess, but I'd recommend friending him on MySpace. Y'know, to avoid being on any unfortunate lists.
  • Just Like the Ones I Used to Know: On the Xmas tip is a new release from MC Lars. It's entitled The Green Christmas EP, but it's more thematically centered on GNR. Seriously. Watch the video.
  • Jingle All the Way: Also on the horizon is another installment in The Leaky Cauldron's Jingle Spells series. This year's disc features Peeved, The Mudbloods, RiddleTM, and a solid metric ton of awesome.
  • From One of Us Old Ones: Church has found an interesting site called Advice to a Young Geek by Cynbe ru Taren. It's exactly the brand of after-the-fact meditations that are an integral part of the lives of our people. And while the individual entries may or may not move you (depending on your relative age and circumstance), the idea is truly inspiring.
  • How We Roll, Mofo: Also from Church comes more info on the Nerd Nite phenomenon you may have read about at Inkling last year. Here's hoping the idea continues to spread.
  • Both Happy AND Hardcore: Random has another free remix available for the masses. This one is a happy hardcore remix of "Grow Up" by Ultraklystron. Do you wants it? Oh yes you do!
  • A Painful Experience: Some people just don't get nerdcore, and that's okay. What's not is poor writing and unconstructive criticism. Here's an example as pointed out by Baddd Spellah. It's a review of Frontalot's new Final Boss album. In Spellah's own words, "It reads like a 15-year-old's last-minute scramble at their due-tomorrow book-report."
  • Over There: Earlier this month, I pointed out some interesting info regarding a Dutch showing of Nerdcore For Life. Since then, a number of details have come to light. The long and short of it is that the gig is for realsies, but a full-on European tour is not currently in the works. That certainly answers that.
  • Working for DFTBA: Matt sends news that John Greene (of Nerdfighter fame) has both released his debut album for pre-order and has co-founded a record label specializing in YouTube-centered music. Already onboard are Trockers Chameleon Circuit (whom I love.) I anticipate good things. Experience the fast-talking here.
  • I Never Travel Too Far: This month, my pal Glenn Case celebrated his 13th wedding anniversary with a cover of Big Star's "Thirteen." This was apparently the song of the month, as Molly from Roonil Wazlib posted a similar vid. I couldn't settle on which to end with, so here are the links. Watch both. It'll do you good.


Church said...

I should point out that Jason from passed me the "Advice for a Young Geek" link.

Karl said...

I believe this nerd news was perhaps too brief, as I did put out a new electronica album and SLASH SLASH PRICES recently as well.

Also, I did a Drum n' Bass remix of "Grow Up" as well

Matt said...

Crap, I misspelled John Green's name when I wrote you (didn't expect you to just cut and paste my email. I know it's the day after thanksgiving, but I kind of expected some effort for this NNIB :). So, drop the last 'e'.

Matt said...

OK, I apparently just suck this week. Z, the label is co-founded by HANK Green, not John Green. I'm going to just go crawl into an un-geeky hole.

BTW, the captcha below is cougha, which is I think what Mario does when he has a cold...

I really just need to go into the hole don't I?

Church said...

Also, am I a bad person for responding to the 'review' that Spellah mentioned?

Prolly so, prolly so.

Justin said...

Hardly Church, anyone who says such things about Wil Wheton deserves it. His nanites are probably dismantling this guy's computer as we speak.

Jason T said...

On Advice to a Young Geek:
If Church is going to give me credit, I should probably give props to my friend Lokman for passing that along.

On Nerd Nite:
The line about this contains a link to and the Inkling article, but I don't see the "more info from Chuch" linked to ... but I'm willing to blame this on my web browser or reading abilities.

Incidentally, I haven't been to Nerd Nite Boston since the changing of the guard, but I'd be curious to know if anybody else around these parts has.

Anthony said...

You should have mentioned that listening to some awesome SF2 remixes on your ipod is just the thing you need to fight the crowds on black friday

Church said...

@Jason: No, I just missed that the article was old. It looks like Z caught that, but awkward editing resulted.

Jason T said...

Oh, well, that's okay then.

Z. said...

Sorry for missing those, Karl. My RSS reader has been screwy, so I've missed some stuff.

As for other inaccuracies, this is what happens when I try to write while at home with the kids. And also maybe karmic pay-back for calling out that Frontalot review. ;)