Friday, December 05, 2008

Nerd News in Brief

It's been another huge week for geeky news, but before we get into this veritable wealth of nerdstuff I'd like to comment on recent developments at The Wizrocklopedia. You see, Lizz just announced her retirement. After years at the helm, she is passing the mantle of editor on to Freya and Dinah so that she can pursue other avenues. Lizz will still be acting webmistress, but other than that her 'Pedia-related activities will be limited.

I've got an enormous amount of respect and appreciation for Lizz because of all the work she does for the WRock community and, moreover, simply because of the really genuine person that she is. She's a class act, and I am thankful to count her, along with folks like Ant, Matt, Church, and Jason, as a like-minded cyber-sibling. So while I'll miss having her around ye olde Internets, I wish her the best in all her endeavors.
  • Not to be Confused With Uwe Boll: Also on the Wizard Rock front comes news from Harry and the Potters regarding this month's Yule Ball in Cambridge, MA. The guys are looking for some extra musical help this year, in the form of live brass accompaniment for tracks like "New Wizard Anthem" and "Song for the Death Eaters." If you are interested in performing, contact the band (harryandthepotters-at-yahoo-dot-com) for further instructions.
  • Newman!: Geek rockers Paul and Storm are currently in the early stages of the 25 Days of Newman. The boys are writing all the Randy Newman movies tunes he never got around to doing himself. Hilarity ensues.
  • From the House of Karl: Omitted from last week's NNIB due to lazy-assedness, is great new stuff from Karl Olson. Ultraklystron has released a new 13-song electronica album for free download, as well as a DnB remix of Random's "Grow Up." You need both.
  • From the Tweetosphere: I've also recently received news from both Beefy and Jesse Dangerously regarding new albums. Mr. Thompson has another freebie disc in the works, and Jesse D a new mixtape. Details are, at the moment, a little vague, but I'll pass on more news as it becomes available.
  • Nerdcore Explosion: The Rhyme Torrents community has also unleashed a ton of new hotness in recent weeks. High points include the re-mastered version of the highly anticipated Heightened Titans debut, the 3-year labor of love that is GOSHone's ctrl_alt_ego, a fine collection of rarities and unreleased tracks from the Scrub Club family, and a brand new single from my Florida ninjas Krondor Krew called "Baby Drama" (available at their MySpace.) Consider them all required listening.
  • Flying Dinosaur Team: There's also a new 3-way split from our friends at Pterodactyl Squad featuring arcadecoma., L'homme Manete, and seal of quality. Like all things from Pterodactyl Squad, it is guaranteed to be face-meltingly awesome!
  • Chippy Holidays: And on the seasonal tip, there's also the amazing 8-Bit Jesus chiptune Christmas album from Doctor Octoroc. I honestly can't recommend this one highly enough.
  • A Forceful Xmas: Church also hipped me to the fact that The Wonderful Wonderblog has posted the (god-awful) Star Wars Christmas album for download. Get it now before George Lucas unleashes the clones!
  • Nerd Ink: Speaking of Star Wars, this edition of Nerd Ink is brought to you by Justin of Hidari. He thought these wicked sleeves from Geeks Are Sexy would please a great many of his geeky brothers/sisters. I concur.
  • From the Desk of Antisoc: Since I've spent the bulk of this post recommending albums, I'll change shit up and instead recommend some live video footage. My pal Soc got all of the recent YTCracker/MC Lars/MC Frontalot show in Dallas that his poor Flip could take, and has been nice enough to share it with the rest of the class. There are appearances by Shawn Who and T-Byte (in the crowd), Rivercrest Yacht Club, and the historic first live performance of MC Lars's "Download This Song" featuring Bowling For Soup's Jaret Reddick. There's a ton of stuff to see, and it's all well worth the time.
  • G4 Continues to Not Suck: And while we're talking about nerd rap royalty, be sure you check out Random's recent interview with G4's The Feed. It's a nice piece wherein he may or may not drop the release date for his new Capcom project Mega Ran 9. Okay, he does. Now go read.
  • Kids Today: From Church comes an interesting link from youth writing magazine Teen Ink about nerd pride. It's actually kind of a reassuring sentiment, especially given the typical high school-era nerd rage.
  • Apparently They Shimmer: Perhaps the holiday season's biggest piece of movie news is the release of Twilight. For those who, like me, haven't found time to read the books, Church also suggested some Cliff's Notes. In the same vein (no pun intended), BSDPunk recently explored the inherent corruption of the nerdy vampire archetype by the same series.
  • Your Hookup: Nerdcore MC Conyeezy has recently taken a position at Sweetwater Sound, providers of fine instruments, recording technology, and various other implements of musical destruction. So the next time you find yourself in the market for a purchase, don't forget to holler atcha boy.
  • America's Got the Next Top Videogame Mascot: To take us out this week, I'm gonna throw straight to Little Miss Gamer. She's involved in a reality show, I hear. Perhaps she'll finally garner the fame she so richly deserves.


paradise dan said...

the 8bit jesus disc is awesome! Great Job Dr.O!
perfect to get me in the mood for the blip festival show tonight!
(btw, anyone else in NYC going tonight?)

conyeezy said...


oh wow and the captcha is 'phone' swear to god that is leet coincidence