Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dear Fro-ooooont!

Please join your fellow MC Frontalot fans in wishing Mr. Hess a happy 35th birthday. Yes, Front is celebrating his b-day on the road, so those who plan to catch his show with YTCracker and MC Lars in Orlando tonight should probably feel honor-bound to buy him a drink. 

Those of us not in the central Florida area will simply have to celebrate in our own fashion. I, personally, plan to do the Margaret Thatcher. But that's just me.


Church said...

I'm going to not pick up a Goth Girl. Just to keep it real.

Matt said...

Church, keeping it real would involve trying to pick up a goth girl before not picking up a goth girl.

Chris Radcliff said...

That means Frontalot is six days older than me. And he always will be!

Justin said...

YTCracker and Frontalot are in Orlando today? Why didn't I know about this?! I have to work :(

antisoc said...

Good thing this isn't mainstream rap... he would have had to retire by now. Happy b-day Front. :)

Church said...

Matt, I'll think about picking up a Goth Girl, before I don't do it. Dog

Anthony said...

I better get a post for my birthday. ALSO, I won't tell you my birthday, you'll have to use your journalism skills to find out!

...or look at my facebook.

Z. said...

Church, you and Matt are making my head ache. Don’t make me turn this blog around.

I’m sure you’ll find a way to catch up, Chris.

I’m surprised you hadn’t heard, Justin. It’s huge news in FLA.

Good point, Soc.

Ant, checking Facebook is the extent of my journalism skills.

funky49 said...

'probably feel honor-bound to buy him a drink.'

I boughted front a SmartWater from the local grocery store for his bday!

Jen the photographer girlie baked COOKIES for Front+Hex for their bday!