Saturday, May 31, 2008

This week in swag, cont.

Friends, this must be my week! In addition to scoring some great new listening material from C.O.G. and MPFM a few days back, I've just received two additional parcels.

The first was from the incomparable Jesse Dangerously containing a copy of his latest album Verba Volant, which I have been anxiously awaiting. A review of that release is forthcoming, along with an interview feature with Jesse himself. Excited? I am.

The second was a care package from Dan Lamoureux. This was an unexpected little treat in the form of a freshly recut version of his Nerdcore For Life documentary and a geeky gift for the new baby. Thanks, Dan, and to answer your question, no, she hasn't gotten the common cold yet. ;)


DJFelix said...

Who do you want me to kill for a copy of that DVD?

Z. said...

I dunno, Felix, I am inclined to keep this thing under lock and key. Although, as much as I'd like to keep it in my collection, I might consider dropping it in a Child's Play charity auction at a later date. If, of, course, Dan and co. are agreeable.

Dan said...

No problem Z. The new "festival cut" of the doc is much improved over the version you saw at the beggining of the year so I wanted you to see the changes we've made.

But for now, you gotta keep the dvd to yourself! Hopefully we'll figure out how we're going to distribute the film to the general public before the end of summer.

Z. said...

I'll definitely keep this sucker under raps, Dan. Thanks for thinking of me!